Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atas nama BFF, mesti pergi ^ ^


Selalu orang pilih Facebook, or Twitter nak luahkan perasaan kan? Tapi, aku sangat2 prefer Blog dari those things 'cause banyak boleh hurai with much less people know about this. Oh, sangat2 super excited bila BFF sorang ni dah nak bertunang! Auuww! ^ ^ Alhamdulillah! Super excited sampai tak sabar gile tunggu esok nak beli tiket bas and tudung nak match dengan baju kurung baru! I don't care if now tengah sengkek pun, BFF punya pasal, apa pun boleh. Yes, since dah tak ada kawan baik ni, of course la super free!

Memang Allah S.W.T nak panjangkan jodoh dengan previous BFF. Boleh pula terserempak dekat RNR Bukit Gantang masa on the way balik dari KL. Agak terkejut sampai tak tahu nak responds macam mana. But then, no heart feeling. We adults, move on instead of cry like a baby. Masing-masing cari life sendiri. It seems like she can't find her way out just yet. Tak habis protes lagi. Luckily, I manage to escape from the craziness. Pray for her too. I really miss my old BFF, honestly.

Dah tak mau episod duka-duka dalam diary aku for awhile. Cukup sudah makan hati, oke? Masa berjimba pulak. Tak sabar sangat nak pi shoping esok. Hopefully still ada duit untuk dihabiskan esok! Aaauuuuw! Just, I wish Hubby boleh ada sama. Hehe tapi macam mustahil aje. Nak tidur rumah anak dara, mana boleh bawa hubby? HAHA.

Aku sembang hati-ke-hati dengan mama tadi, nyatakan betul2 hasrat aku nak attend Majlis Tunang BFF baru tu. Aku cakap, BFF personally invite aku ke majlis dia. And aku sangat pasang angan-angan nak turut serta dalam majlis dia. Aku cakap, "Tirah mana ada BFF lagi ma? Tu sorang je buat masa ni. BFF lama dah tutup buku dah, kot?". Entah! Aku pun tak tahu sama ada BFF lama masih anggap aku ni BFF dia atau tidak. Pedulikan! So, mama terus agreed! Best giler! Rasa macam nak terlepas stering kereta masa tu. Aku terus taip mesej nak hantar ke BFF, tapi mama pukul tangan. "Drive la dulu!", marah mama.

Ah, tak kisah la nak kena naik bas banyak kali pun. Aku tak nampak benda ni sebagai burden sebab aku willingly nak join majlis dia. So, semuanya nampak mudah dan tak memenatkan di mata aku. Memang betul la orang cakap, 'bila ikhlas, semua jadi mudah!'.

HAHA. Happy happy happy! TQ ALLAH for sending her to me!

Tak tahu tuan punya badan izinkan atau tidak upload gambar tunang nanti ^ ^ HEHE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just, I wish you were here.

As-salam =)

One of the friends, she was like, "Oi, bestnya kau! Cuti jek asyik jalan-jalan! P sana sini! Shoping sakan no?". To me, I rather it be this way,

Family stay at home, spending time together.

I rather not see the world, if my family aren't there. It's not like the old time when I ditched them to be with my friends. I don't have friends anymore. For the time being, I am surely sure sure that my childhood best friend is no longer my great friend. I am not afraid to tell this straight. Yet, I will always treasure all the deeds she did and all the good memories we made. 

I want it to be this way,



Book Xcess at Amcorp Mall

As-salam =)

This is a must-visit place whenever you visit Petaling Jaya. There's a book store here at Amcorp Mall. My sister suggests it since it offers tons of book with cheap price! Believe me, I almost going CRAZY looking at all those cheap books. Luckily, I am not in the mood of buying books. I spend my time at the cooking section, and of course beauty section. I just love it! See what I bought,


This is such an interesting book. Ayurveda, is something related to ancient Indian beauty and health remedies. In this book, they provide information about massaging, about how to choose your own carrier oil and aromatherapy scents. Also, they provide some acupuncture points, and of course it'll be a bit on anatomy and physiology, like OMG! I hate those stuffs. But now, I have to be expert on this. HAHA.

Just look at the price! RM14.90, oke? Out of RM36.90! Murah giler2 punya memang tak tipu! Walaupun tak de mood sangat nak beli buku, tetap rasa rugi kalau tak beli! Untuk kaki novel BI, memang aku suggest pi sini je lar.. berlambak-lambak novel BI yang memang HOT SELLING! oke? Wawa dah rambang mata suda bila tengok buku murah-murah ni!

Habis borong buku, borong baju-baju pula. Mama going crazy about caftan these days, so she bought like another 3 new caftans! Memang gilos! Nasib duit aku tak berapa tebal. If tak, aku dah remabt sehelai. Overall, okay lar kat sini. Boleh rasa suasana lain sebab ada macam bazar kat ground floor. Flea market ^ ^

Source: GOOGLE
Peminat barang antik memang boleh terus gile bila datang ni. Boleh habis riban-riban sekali sapu. HAHA. Nasib aku tak ada lagi hobi ni. Tak mampu la nak beli koleksi antik gituh. Makan pun cungap-cungap ikan je kalau family tak support!

HAHA. Orang bujang!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fake kindness and bla bla bla.


Sudden, random entry for the night. My youngest sister suddenly mention about a friend of mine - not longer exist. She said, "Tiyah, shasha ingat lagi dulu friend tiyah punya rumah ada benda ni. Shasha main dengan atok dia, adik dia ... bla bla bla!". My reaction was, **sudden freeze** OMG! She remembers it? Damn! She said for him to be kind to me, helping me, bla bla bla! I kind of shocked and emotional - a bit. I said, "I am no longer be friend with him. He's no good person. You don't even mention him again, okay?, when I was playing Pictureka game with her. 

Fucking faker - fake smile and kindness.
Big fakers - fake to show kindess
It's hard to look at the pass. I don't even want to remember any of it anymore, even though the pass made me who I am today. It's better to not mention it at all. Yes, fakers are everywhere. Fakers tend to show kindness, like 'oh, I am so perfect. I helped people and I love animals', like WTF? Ah, give me a break! So damn annoying and heart-ache, oke? 

I found several almost-be-a-fakers who always practice kindness and hardworking-ness, like 24/7! Just, they are not all the time annoying, just sometimes. But I am still okay with it, really.

So, spot your own fakers and be more cautious about it. Learnt from mistakes made and never turn back as it will hold you down and walk you slow. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How I wish to decorate my house - LIVING ROOM.


I wish for my house to be like this one ^ ^ Even berangan aje lebih, tapi at least I got my own aims about how my life will looks like. In Sha Allah, ya?

Growing up in a house full or packed of perabot jati  make me realize and having thought of having a simple home decorations. Maybe a few sofas in bright color and a coffee table for the living room. A bouquet of plastic flowers for the finishing touch. Simple right? This is how I always design my THE SIMS 3 house. 

new get modern livingroom 13

For long term use, maybe I could get a much darker sofa, yet bright like bright red, light or deep brown or black for the simple-yet-elegance's touch. Also, to cover up the emptiness of the living room and the 'personal design' (contengan) of future toddlers of us. 


Or, maybe I could add something to it, like some really-cute pillows, animal shaped or something, or a floral design. Really love those! And, could add fragrant to it, like one on the coffee table. See? For a romantic get-a-way. Oh, maybe a mattress or carpet could help enlighten up my living room too. Perfect match, right? 

I am somebody who doesn't care about wall, whether it has a wallpaper on it or not, it really doesn't bother me. But, I believe the right color or living room might effect your mood. My choice of color is something soft like, light orange, soft yellow or just plain white.


Apart of that, I would be flatter if my living room has some hanging book shelve, like one above. Simple, neat and eye-catching, don't you think? Book shelves just an option, though. If you plan to keep it simple, refer to design NO 1 and NO 2.

Oh, and foremost, I would love a chandelier in my living room. I know this might cost me some $$, but just an option too! ^ ^ I had search some chandelier's design for the living room. My version of naming the chandelier is, lampu ngada-ngada! Memang mengada sungguh lar! HAHA. Well, I like this one. Modern design, of course.

round chandelier of scandinavian living room 300x199 round chandelier of scandinavian living room


Cantik, kan! Cost you like $$$$$ for one hanging lampu ngada-ngada, oke? Kalau ado duit lebih, baru pasang ni hah. Bila entah nak ada duit lebih. HAHA. Berangan lebih boleh lar! 

This is my idea about how to decorate my living room at my own house, which might be in 20, 30+ ! Nobody knows future, right? So, let's just have aims about what we are going to grab fast in life. I have ideas of my own that I am truly thrill to me it works. I really do love modern design, truly. Just, think about how are you going to fit all the ideas on this type of house.


Later on, I will write about the 'DREAM HOUSE' of mine! ^ ^ So, how's ur living room going to be? Write an entry about it, oke? Waiting anxiously and boring-ly! Kuang kuang.. 

A part of my holiday.

As-salam =)

It's not really a vacation if you don't have everyone you care about, right? A part of my holiday, mine were just another typical holiday. Nothing much, except for the spending time and the relax part. I am actually at KL, visiting the pregnant sister and attending a orthopedic's appointment, which is today. I really missed my braces, like a lot! I missed of being thin and lack of appetite. LOL! Propa sangat kan? But then, braces really do help me control the weight when I was in secondary school. 

The doctor checked the teeth and hand-over a retainer to me, for the lower part of my teeth. It was a bit hard to put it in and really fix it with my teeth. He pushed it real hard that he sort of 'pinch' the lips. Ouch! My retainer has to be on 24/7, so no special free retainer's case for me. I bought my own case later when I was at OU this evening, having lunch at Seoul Garden with the family. Pregnant young mom's treat! I like it ^ ^ It was fun spending the rest of your day at the mall where you rarely go. Happy but a bit tired. I even begged for water. Had to spend MYR 2 for the 600ml Dasani drinking water. It's like they packed a miracle water in there or something? Aiisshhh! I bought nothing much compared to the rest of them. Just a new beg and some few cheap stuffs. Woohoo! Best2!

Oke, let me treat you with the retainer. Sort of like this. Not my retainer. I am wearing this beauty-is-pain right now, while blogging this.

Mine minus the stripes. I got some clear sprinkle all over it. Just plain.
The “Traditional” Hawley retainer is made of rigid acrylic and wire. The acrylic rests on the roof of the mouth or under the tongue while the wire wraps around the teeth to hold them in proper alignment. Hawley retainers are best utilized in cases where teeth have been extracted and the space needs to be held closed, or when teeth are missing and the space must be kept open for future restorative work.

Retainer is used to fix the targeted teeth. In my case, my four bottom teeth are a mess. HAHA. So, since the family decided to go on braces and retainer, I just join the club. Even the mother and preggy young mother wear a retainer. Just a different one ^ ^ I had a difficult time adjusting my talk, how to hold the tongue. A bit uncomfortable. My lips chapped a bit. But, I'll get used to it soon enough.

Oke, below are types of retiner I've been using. Some, I did a simple research for readers extra information.

My previous retainer. 
The invisible retainers are made of a clear plastic material that has been heated and molded over your teeth on the molds taken after the braces have been removed. These can also be used for whitening trays. 

I have this on my upper teeth. A PERMANENT RETAINER. 
The bonded “permanent” retainer can be used on one or both arches. It is most generally bonded to the tongue side of the front teeth. This type of retainer is especially helpful in a case of severely crooked or crowded teeth, or to keep large gaps from opening back up. 

For those who are interested, you can get yours at the nearest and trusted dental care for only MYR 2000. WHAT-A-cost, right? 


Monday, November 19, 2012

Sick Balloon Molly, Vanilin


I feel terrible about my sick Vanilin, my balloon molly. Isshh! I felt guilty about what happened. Now I realize that having pet is not only fun, but means more responsibility. My sister told me about the sick fish, but I thought it was a normal thing for fish to have, that I don't pay much atention about it - I don't even go check on the fish. But today, as I was checking the tank and cleaning it, I notice the eyes really pop-out, like swollen or something with this grey and slimy fluid on it. As I feed him, he don't even notice the food. He swallows whatever in front if him only, and tend to eat less - I noticed.

I went out to nearest fish shop and asked them about this. They suggested to treat Vanilin with water solution. I don't know if this will works, but tawakal is better than doing nothing watch him to die, right? From the quick research I made, the disease called, pop-eyed. It is due to poor water quality, imbalance gas in aquarium or maybe from the fish itself. 

For the poor water quality, it's advise to use 'clorine rinse'. It's cheap, just MYR1+ only per bottle. Only few drops needed of 2' aquarium. It lasts longer, too. Imbalance gas is due to the imbalance pressure inside and out of the aqaurium. Okay, new tips for fish breaders (all types)! Make sure you wait for few minutes after pouring needed water (the right amount and level of water) into the aquarium. I quote this from a website,

"Water in a newly filled tank will be supersaturated with gases and you will see the gas bubbles covering the inside of the tank. The more that the water is agitated as you are pouring it in for the first time, the less supersaturation you will have. Agitation of water releases gas from it. Normal aeration will speed up the time that it takes for this excess gas to leave the water. When the bubbles on the tank disappear, then it is safe to put your fish into the new water".

If you really love and serious to take care of fishes, make sure you do this, okay? For myself, I admit that I am too lazy to spend too much time waiting for the water to be mix with the anti-chlorine. Sometimes, I place the fishes first, then drop the anti-chlorine right on them and mix. Not going to happen again, promise!

For more information, kindy click on the link herehere and here about the swollen eyes. Alert! This might be happening to betta fish and guppies as well, and other tropical fishes.

My advise is, to always do research about your pet fish/s (if you do care!)

Notice his swollen eyes? Not yet?

Close-up. He looks like an alien!

I bought this. The white one is the food , named 'weekend block'

Simple Aquaria.

Will get extra vitamin and health care for my fishes. I am too scared for the loss. I might blame myself for everything. Sigh! Oh, and Vanilin will go on the trip to KL with me. I am taking him along, leaving other fishes behind with the help of electric water filter and food block (sort of an auto feeder).

Will update soon about Vanilin's health. My friend once said, "fishes are like babies! you need to fully take care of them". Now I believe you, Plain Jane! ^ ^

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A part time job.

As-salam =)

A school holiday means, I really have to stay home - not encourgaed to get a job. But, since my youngest sister is now already i school, so mother decided to not let her plays so much. She asked me to do a home tuition for her, so that we won't forget or at least be ready to be in standard two. 


Shasha and I, we decide on the schedule just now. She agrees to study more. I set her leisure time, when she's going to eat, time for bath and time to sleep. Amazingly, she agrees with all the terms and conditions I applied. Yes, easier for me too! I told her that even we are on the vacation, she will have to study that I'll bring her all her books along with us on vacation. Hah! Cruelty much! Yet, for her own good too. 

Kids these days are so brilliant that they have to struggle more and harder than us, if the really want to succeed. Am I right? But, to be honest, I really don;t want to push her too much that I'm scared she might be lost interest in studying later. I believe kids deserve to have fun, or she might not have something fun to talk about later. I believe that intelligent have to stay in line with the personalities, moral values and socialism. Or, she might be facing a big trouble later. Trust me! She would not dare to enter the society since she don't know how to mix around. And, that's important. 


And, not to forget to teach little one Quran and Jawi. Ummah's strength. I noticed that people these days are take 'born Muslim' for granted. Like, if you were born Muslim, then you knew everything about Islam already. So wrong! We all got some unsaid things to ourself, even I did. How I wish I had learnt Quran, Akhlak, Ibadah, Feqah, Sirah, Jawi, etc harder when I was a kid. I take this for grated. How I wish for this to change. How I wish I have children now so that I'll teach them harder about Islam. 

I wish.

Apart of that, I am actually a MS Words's teacher - part time. HAHA. How about that? I am teaching dear mother about how to use MS Words. I find it too expansive for a short and basic MS Words, cost about RM50 for 16 hours lesson, offered by the GSC company. Don't you? Let's be smart about doing business on school holiday, okay? Let's do something that might get our pocket thick. HAHA cruelty much! 

Money money money! I love money! ^ ^

Friday, November 16, 2012

I made Mango crepes.


Crepes can be pretty expansive, right? RM12.00 for six crepes. Like, what? My money are meant to be spend on something else. So, I made my research about how to make this baby. I choose mango since I already have my home made mango jam. 

For somebody who had tried the recipe at home, I am advising you to just buy that RM12.00 crepes. It's just hard to make a perfect one. I made mine like 'lempeng'. A bit thick, and burned a bit at the bottom. Not nice to see, just nice to eat.

Oh, and one more thing. The filling is the most tricky part. I made mine like two or three times before I can come out with filling that willing to fluff. So hard! Yet, it tastes so good, with a bit sweet and sour taste from the mango jam.

Bcoz of the melting filling, I had this stored in the fridge

I turned extra filling cream into ice cream. 

See, exactly like ice cream right? Tasty too ^ ^

It tastes just like this! Sedap kan??

I can just buy my own crepes, but since it's school holiday, I decide to make one - just to drag my time ^ ^ Luckily, all my crepes had been eaten. And even have requests for more crepes from the pregnant mother to be. Auuwwww! It tastes so good that even the unborn baby loves it - craving for more and more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aku dah sedar diri. Terima kasih.


Alahai, sejak bila entri BM ni? HAHA. BI leceh sikit nak karang-marang. Sekarang mood 'kasi tibai' je, janji ada entri. HAHA. Aku tulis aje banyak 'HAHA', tapi hati ni tak ada siapa yang tahu. Dah berbulan-bulan berlalu sejak peristiwa tu. Aku still tunggu penjelasan dari dia tentang, Kenapa boleh jadi macam tu?, Apa yang dah berlaku?, Kenapa korang break?, dll, tapi hampa hampas teh sangat! Aku berharap, terus terang la aku cakap. Tapi sekarang ni, aku dah sedar diri. Aku dah berhenti berharap, betul. Sebab, aku sendiri dah tak tahu banyak benda tentang kau. Cara pembawakan diri kau pun dah nampak beza, like I don't know you anymore, so, that's it!

We are not more than just a childhood friend. Fullstop.
best friends day glitter graphics, orkut scraps
We used to be A-Z!

best friends day glitter graphics, orkut scraps
But now, it's just like this one. 

Masing-masing dah besar and matang, so we lead our own path. Still, no heart feeling, sebabnya manusia datang dan pergi. If this turns to be like this, then so obvious that you no longer need me in your life. Fine by me.

I have something to tell you, deary.

"I have always cherish the moments of us together. You're in my world ever since I am just an ugly fat kid. You've been in all my ups and downs. Thank you for that. I think you knew me enough. Just, not well enough. We did made time for that, but we didn't bought enough times, though. Now the time had passed, we've been too far from each other that I can clearly see there's no turning back, so be it. Thank you to prove I am right, that you are not more than just my childhood best friend. No heart feeling. I can live up with all the good memories of us. Until death do us apart. Thanks."

Terima kasih. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Alkisah Jalan Todak.


Hari ini rasa amat malas nak bangun pagi. Rasa nak sorok dalam selimut lama-lama, sebabnya hari ini aku secara terpaksa drive ke Penang untuk maki-maki orang. Tengah syok-syok cuti-cutian sambil online 24/7, tetiba broadband tak boleh connect. Memang hangin satu badan la! But then, mula-mula masih berbaik sangka lagi, kononnya mungkin masalah line, or masalah laptop berat, etc. Nak sedapkan hati ye sebenarnya tu. Bila masih tak boleh, jari mula gatal dail 1111 - Celcom Customer Service. Sangat terkejut bila CCS cakap aku ada bayaran tertunggak untuk broadband. Memang bodoh betul sebab aku already buat payment sampai bulan Disember, oke? Last payment yang dicatatkan was on 7th September. Memang bodoh!

Alkisahnya, bulan Julai hari tu lepas elaun masuk, aku dah tukar pelan untuk broadband. Kononnya, nak pilih line lebih laju la supaya senang online. Aku buat urusan dengan satu kiosk Celcom di Jalan Todak, Penang. Oke, kejap lagi aku akan attach map ye? Supaya tak ada orang yang akan alami benda yang sama dengan aku. Menyusahkan betul! Aku dah buat payment sebanyak RM400.00 TUNAI untuk bayaran broadband dari Julai hingga Disember, termasuk bayaran tunggakan untuk pelan broadband sebelum ni. Bulan Ogos hari tu, perkara yang sama berlaku. Aku call CCS tanya akan perkara ni, then CCS cakap yang CCS terima arahan untuk deactivate akaun broadband aku. Aku sangat-sangat pelik walhal aku tak pernah keluarkan arahan macam tu. Aku marah sampai menggeletar tangan, tapi kena cover sebab masa aku tahu perkara ni, aku dalam mesyuarat guru (time praktikum). Tak ada orang yang bodoh akan matikan servis sedangkan dah bayar wang sedepuk kan? So, aku pun call dealer tu and siap ugut-ugut nak lapor polis. Dia takut then terus aktifkan semula line aku. Oke, lepas kes ni aku ingat dah tak ada apa-apa la. Tapi Ahad yang lepas (11.11.2012), hal yang sama berulang balik. Aku sampai terpaksa ke Celcom Centre, ambil nombor, tunggu giliran untuk bincangkan hal ni dengan pekerja Celcom. Yang malangnya, pekerja tu cakap susah nak tolong if aku tak ada resit. Yes, memang ada resit cuma aku sudah terhilangkan since dah banyak kali pindah randah dan merempat. Salah sendiri kan?

Since resit dah hilang, berserta nombor telefon dealer tu, aku terpaksa drive ke Penang pagi ni untuk bersemuka dengan dealer bodoh tu. Haaiisshh!! Memang ganggu cuti aku betul! Time drive punya berkobar-kobar nak cari gaduh, fikir nak cakap apa, sambil dengar HITS.FM dengan lagu catchy memang menaikkan semangat aku nak 'senteng lengan baju' dan 'angkat kain'. Tapi, bila Mama tukar ke channel SINAR.FM, ayyyooo... memang mood gaduh pudar terus dalam diri aku. Aku cakap kat Mama,

"Ma. Tadi pasang lagu mat saleh, boleh la feel feel nak cari gaduh sat lagi, tapi ni dah tukar channel, lagu dangdut pulak, rasanya kejap lagi mesti Tirah cakap, 'awak tak boleh aktifkan balik broadband saya? tak apa. tak apa (nada redha)'. HAHA!"

Memang sangat stress. Sampai terpaksa gelak. Giler! Sampai dengar lagu Rihanna terbaru tajuk, 'Diamond' kot? pun rasa lawak dan bodoh semacam tempo lagu tu. Aku drive sambil gelak sampai terlepas stering. HAHA! Bodoh. But, bila sampai situ, aku terus ke kiosk bodoh tu dan deal dengan dealer tu. Aku ingat dah bankrup sebab kedai dia messy semacam. Rupanya baru buka. Dealer tu minta aku ke kiosk lain sebab dia baru bukak kedai. Masa tu pukul 2.00 PM oke? Baru nak buka kedai, orang lain dah pergi makan tengahari. Aku mention pasal payment masuk tak habis setiap bulan, line terminated, etc, tapi reaksi dia ialah:

"Oh, you yang hari tu buat payment RM400.00 kan? Hari tu sudah masuk payment la".

AKU: "Aaah. Memang la dah masuk payment, tapi last payment was on 7th Sept. Now already 12 Nov. How come? I didn't pay much for such craps! I terpaksa drive from Sg. Petani to settle this".

"Oh why you tak call saya maa?"

"Cause I thought you learnt your lesson bila saya ugut nak report polis hari tu. OK, now is like this, tolong bayar baki duit broadband saya in FULL - RM162.00!" 

"Oh. Ok. Saya masukkan la baki you haa. Next month you bayar sendiri."

Lesson learnt! Untuk urusan rasmi yang melibatkan jangka masa panjang, tolong uruskan hal tersebut dengan pihak atasan. Contoh dalam kes ni, CELCOM CENTRE sendiri. Berurusan dengan dealer cuma perihal top-up dan beli SIM sahaja oke? Jika tak mahu berkesudahan macam aku, please dengar cakap dan belajar dari pengalaman aku.

Celcom Centre (Main). Selang beberapa kedai sahaja.
JALAN TODAK, sederet dengan Maxis Centre.

Aku tak peduli kalau gambar atas ni kurang jelas ke apa. Lantak. Moody lagi ni. Walaupun dah boleh online, tapi tetap menyampah.

Lately, aku makin kerap nak ditipu peniaga or penjaja tepi jalan. Macam hari tu aku sangat2 stress dengan situasi semasa, aku keluar jalan-jalan beli barang sorang kat Tesco Extra Penang, aku disapa penjaja barangan elektrik. Diorang tawarkan aku barangan elektrik berharga RM3388.00. Lepas dapat kupon bertuah, aku dapat less sehingga 40% OFF, so harga suda jadi RM2023.00 dan boleh dapat free 1 barang bernilai RM3388.00. Orang bodoh barang elektrik macam aku memang sangat2 impressed dengar tawaran tu, kan? Peniaga tu insisted untuk aku buat Kredit Kad on the dot, but nasib aku berkeras juga nak call Mama tanya dia pasal hal ini. Mama suruh aku lari dari tempat tu. Lepas tu baru aku boleh fikir logik. Oke, tempat MASAK HOT PLATE yang macam kaca satu line tu harga RM3388.00 aku boleh percaya sebab maybe harga mahal pasal jenama Antarabangsa, tapi Microwave Oven, Air Purifier, Vacuum, individually harga RM3388.00, macam tipu kan? Belum masuk hal insurans Prudential lagi. Bodoh. Rugi duit saja!

Wake up! Dah makin besar ni sepatutnya kena makin ambil tahu hal sekeliling. Hmm... hope aku betul-betul belajar dari hal ni. Nasib juga berlaku masa aku masih bujang-dujang, paling kurang ada juga Mama tempat aku nak rujuk ( '  _  ' )

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Diary hamil for dear preggy sister.


I went to Tesco this evening with mother, Wawa and Shasha to buy some stuffs. Shasha insisted to go to the MPH Book Stores for her Barbie's magazine. I was looking for my usual 'home remedies' book when I suddenly thought of my 5 weeks pregnant sister. I rushed for the 'Diary Hamil' book. This is another one thing I can get pretty high about other than fishes, believe me. I didn't get my sister anything for her wedding, so I think this might do things right. I am superb excited to be a young aunty. 

I did asked mother about her plan after Kakak bersalin nanti? She asked me to survey for product after bersalin. She knows I am good at this thing. Okay, this is quite an honor for someone whom has never get marry to look for such product. But, I accepted the task and looking forward for that. 

A gift for deary sister

Future parents ^ ^

Naughty Mollies.


Hai, to you and you. My day is just one typical and casual. I am going to update about a little and budgeted hobby of mine, petting fishes. Not big fishes, but small and cheap fishes like Molly, for instance. I wrote about this in the previous entry. You see, now I know why people love fishes so much. Fishes soothe you, like so much. I can go all day, sitting down watching my fishes swim. I even can track which fish is the naughtiest. 

Okay, start of by introducing my new Aquaria members. I bought another two Mollies, known as the Ping Pong Mollies. They are so cute with their over-sized belly, shaped like a Goldfish. I always dream to have some Goldfishes. I have hard time finding my card reader to attach pictures I snapped just now, so I'll just attach some pics I found on the internet, okay? ...for the time being.

I called her, KIMBEE
I am actually want the 'black' fish to be a male. But, Kimbee happened to be the only black Molly fish available, so I just grabbed her. Oh, I also brought along the partner. The male happened to be more like dotted fish with orange and cream and a bit black on colour, more like a female yes? I named him Vanilla, haha since I love vanilla so much these days. But not official just yet. Still looking for some new names that suit him best. My youngest sister suggests to name him as Ken, after Barbie's husband, since she go nuts about Barbie. 

Vanilla VS Ken

He's sort of like this, but less stripes. Well, I always thought that this type of Molly, Ping Pong/Ballon Molly is bigger in size than my previous pet fishes. Yet, they are much smaller and often to be bullied by them, especially by Aji, my alpha domain male fish. Aji's getting bigger and he controls all the fishes in the Aquaria. Oh, and he made my Naomi pregnant again, like what? I already had 30+ baby fishes in a separated plastic aquarium, waiting for them to get bigger for them to join the parents. I can't help having additional baby fishes anymore! Maybe, I just have to kill Aji instead. Haha. Feed him to Ahjupo or something? 

To be true, I don't think this is such a waste of money. I tend to love fishes more these days. I love watching them swimming around the aquarium, go play with the bubbles, hiding inside a stone cave I built, go crazy after fish platelets, etc. It's just fun, don't you think? I am actually thinking about having more Mollies to my collection, but too afraid that they'll breed some more, that I have to buy much bigger tank. It's not the money I concern, but it's about how well I can take care of them. I can feed them, no problem. But, it's the comfort I care. You see, Mollies might die if the tank is too crowded. Molly is type of fish that demand a bigger surrounding for themselves, rather than the Guppies. Guppies are easier to take care of as they'll live even on a crowded tank.

For the time being, let's it be this way; 2 Mollies, 2 Swordtail (assorted), 2 Ballon Mollies, 30+ assorted babies, and more coming out of the pregnant Red Swordtail. I am offering my fishes to whomever want it for free. You can come and choose yourself. Usually the shop offers RM1.50/head, or more, but I am offering my healthy Mollies for FREE OF CHARGE! Oh, for COD only okay? within Penang and Sg. Petani area. Fishes cannot be post. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inhaling the air at one very familiar and heart ease place, called HOME.


Finally, the moment I have been waiting for, time for holiday! Wow! I am glad that all things had passed and I can relax a bit, inhale air in a place I know I can be happy, in case you don't know, the place is where I call HOME! And yes, even so I don't know what to do within these almost two months holiday, but at least I know that I am here spending time with family - whom accept you for the real you and know you best. This is what best about home and holiday. Spending time with only person you like and love, nobody else irritating.


This is just a short entry. Just to ease the heart and update with something cheerful for me. I never thought I say this, but I am glad to be at home, here at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Looking forward for my holiday :) Will update soon, okay? I rarely update status to my facebook, I love blogging more.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time to grow up and groove.


It's sad seeing someone used to be your best friend tend to neg-late you. Hmm.. maybe I am the one who think too much? I guess so. Like hell, I am waiting for the reply. Sign in, and eagerly to wait for it. But, still nothing. I guess, what I should really say is, 







I guess we are not more than just a childhood friends. I mean, now I see that I barely know you, for the real you. I don't know that you like Fasha Sandha so much, I don't!, you speak 'dilek' Kedahan so fluent, I don't!, how social you are and still, I am retired!, how things are in your family, I don't have a clue!, how you were during study, I barely didn't know about it!.

quotes about memories

I think, I am the one who always stick to the pass when everybody else move on and don't hesitate to look back. Haha. Stupid me!

How excited aunt Yaya is!


Finally, one happy post is coming out from me! Haha. After all the sorrow-dorrow story, I finally have the chance to announce something wonderful about my life. And yes, I am going to be an aunt in few months. To be exact, in July, InsyaAllah. It's about time I see something different about my family. Haha.

It's so exciting to have a new member of the family, Zainal's family. I am hoping for a baby boy. But, it's okay if it turns out to be a girl. Girl's power, still.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Between the rain, there is sunshine.


It has been bad for me these passed few days. World's like crushing onto me. Like, there's no escape anymore. I felt the burden on me, like I don't deserve to mix. But, it was all a feeling. I was being hyperbola a bit. Haha. But, really. I felt stress somehow. Something I've been avoiding all these years has finally stood still right in front of me, like hell. Arrrgghhh! Stress! 

I talk this shit to Mother yesterday as I reached home with hubby. She said that, "You will somehow meet and dealing with people you like less, so head up! Try to be happy with it!". It's easy to say than to do, okay? I have my own life that I don't want any people whom I don't like to interfere or get near it. 

It's all been a shock to me. And I still can't accept this shit. And I don't think I'll feel better even after the holiday. But, I think it's going to be okay, if I don't need to see it so frequently. 

Hope so. Just trying to set a positive mind, okay?

Hoping and praying for only the best thing in life. Let's pray for life to be less painful and less heart-ache for me. Please, God.