Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Xcess at Amcorp Mall

As-salam =)

This is a must-visit place whenever you visit Petaling Jaya. There's a book store here at Amcorp Mall. My sister suggests it since it offers tons of book with cheap price! Believe me, I almost going CRAZY looking at all those cheap books. Luckily, I am not in the mood of buying books. I spend my time at the cooking section, and of course beauty section. I just love it! See what I bought,


This is such an interesting book. Ayurveda, is something related to ancient Indian beauty and health remedies. In this book, they provide information about massaging, about how to choose your own carrier oil and aromatherapy scents. Also, they provide some acupuncture points, and of course it'll be a bit on anatomy and physiology, like OMG! I hate those stuffs. But now, I have to be expert on this. HAHA.

Just look at the price! RM14.90, oke? Out of RM36.90! Murah giler2 punya memang tak tipu! Walaupun tak de mood sangat nak beli buku, tetap rasa rugi kalau tak beli! Untuk kaki novel BI, memang aku suggest pi sini je lar.. berlambak-lambak novel BI yang memang HOT SELLING! oke? Wawa dah rambang mata suda bila tengok buku murah-murah ni!

Habis borong buku, borong baju-baju pula. Mama going crazy about caftan these days, so she bought like another 3 new caftans! Memang gilos! Nasib duit aku tak berapa tebal. If tak, aku dah remabt sehelai. Overall, okay lar kat sini. Boleh rasa suasana lain sebab ada macam bazar kat ground floor. Flea market ^ ^

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Peminat barang antik memang boleh terus gile bila datang ni. Boleh habis riban-riban sekali sapu. HAHA. Nasib aku tak ada lagi hobi ni. Tak mampu la nak beli koleksi antik gituh. Makan pun cungap-cungap ikan je kalau family tak support!

HAHA. Orang bujang!

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  1. 7 dec ni pon ade jualan big sale murah gila buku2! aku ade post kt Fb pasal big bad wolf. gila murah! kau try ar tgk2 website kt Fb aku pasal big bad wolf. kalau kau ade berminat mane2 buku, leh aku tlg belikan nanti. 70-90% off :)