Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everybody keeps writing about New Year

As-salam =)

It is officially 2012 now. And, seems like bloggers take this for granted to write about typical 'New Year resolutions', 'new hope', 'aims' and 'ambitions', like yawn! Are you really going to strive for that? Only about 20% people strove hard for it. Another 80% left without saying (not even realizing it at all - including me). Haha. What about that? I must say, the 80% are just being normal, for being easy to live a life; live life with no pressure. 

I didn't really thought about resolutions. I have none to be specific. I just hope for the best, always. I pray to My God, Allah S.W.T for one better life, give me times to serve the parents, the family and all the people around me; to enlighten their days, provide them hopes and hands to hold on to. Insya-Allah. It's part of the job as a teacher.    

2012 - Also will be a big year to my elder sister, FARHAH MARHAINI as she soon to be a wife to a man she knew for years, IMRAN IBRAHIM. Although the weeding is not yet to come, but bride is as busy as ever. Haha. 

2012 - Is also one of my big year as I soon will start my practicum here at schools. I really nervous about facing these youngsters and really don't have the idea on how to communicate with the teachers. You see, I have these inferior complex deep inside myself. I am too afraid to not give people on what they need. I am too afraid to make mistakes now, even did I knew that ones learn from mistakes they made. 

YayaQiestina as a teacher :p

Other than that big days, it is not totally decided. Allah S.W.T plan is not yet to come. So, praying for the best in life. 

Insya-Allah =)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Custom made burger :p

As-salam =)

It was one happy week where the family can actually spend time together. We were talking about passed childhood and about games we played when Kakak suddenly remains me of the game of 'burger' we used to do. Haha it was one exciting and so-much-fun game!

Imagine, a burger like this,

Can actually be made by humans trapped inside :p Sort of like this, 

Just, our burger is more like a size of Burger King, with three layer of burger; kakak at bottom, Sarah on top, while I trapped in between. Wawa, she rarely joins since she's too small to play. Was about three years at the time. We made our burger but putting a cushion onto one another until all are being squished by it. It is one precious moment to me. I sort of forget those things lately, since I was in high school. We all did. It is fun if we had the chance to do it one more time.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Disember events

As-salam =)

2012 is just around the corner. My Disember was filled with a lot of unforgettable experiences and memories, even so I am not doing nothing much. But some of it are just so special that actually strengthens the bonds of each family members. 

Here are pictures :p

Reunion at Bentong

Visit Cikgu Ramlah at Bentong

A colleague's wedding at Sg. Besi 

Slumer party .. just u and me :p

She really hate the choc mask
I made this myself
Typical weding on school holidays :p

She can't wait for school to open

Her 'Sasha' for school

On our way to Johor - stop for dinner
My kampong - Kg. Parit Lahak, Tongkang Pechah, Batu Pahat
Family wedding

Meeting families (On left, Babah's aunty)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The day is here

As-salam =)

Do you still remember how tough your teenage life is? I know I do. Sometimes, I have this guilty and some regrets towards what had happened. But, your pass life is what made you into what you are today. So, have some faiths in it. =)

It was a shock to know some of teenagers I knew are really having trouble finding themselves, even they seem fine to me, really! No rebellion, no nothing! And most of it, is about this something called L O V E ! Hmm.. LOVE may drove people to do crazy things, not just teenagers!

Cut wrist is one common solution teenager would do in order to 'solve' the problem. Ironic, isn't it? But, it's true! Cut wrist doesn't meaning cut the wrist off. No. Just cut for the bleed. Creating scars that some teenagers find it cool. Cool? I try to put myself in my teenage life again. And yes, cut wrist is cool... really! For stupid teenagers, yes! Level of stupidity? Unknown!

Bad in fluent! 

But, to be honest, some teenagers find to be called as, 'stupid', 'bitch', 'hoe', 'hooker' and other names as a compliment. They love to be known as bad, or in this case, bad girl, so they would look cool and so up-to-date. My question is, up-to-date to what? Is cutting a trend now? No! So last season, dude! Even the grandma did it in her teenage life!

Family must really play their role in this kind of teenage's life. I don't decide how. Just, no babbling and no yelling, or even grounded. Please, grounded is not the way! Talk to them. Find a way to be their best friend. =)

I have one teenage sister whom I thought starting to struggle with the life. I am sorry for not being there for you. I made a mistake by not asking how your life been and how are everything. I am off to collage and rarely at home - once a month. I always thought of being a great sister is by not to stuck my nose into my sisters life. But, it's so not true! I must stuck inside yours to know how's everything going on, by being your friend first. I wish you could accept me as you friend. 

So, first thing first. Here is a simple guide line about how to deal with a teenage daughter/sister. Works for me. Hope this will help you out.

1. Get known everybody in her life (the best if to meet them!)
2. Clarify the body movements - how she reacts when meeting or talks to the friends. Detect whose got her special treatment.
3. Dig about this male person secretly but not obviously.
4. Never use arguable tone when talks about him - she could thinks you hate him. And if you do, explain softly to her about why you dislike the guy.
5. Always make things clear - explain about what do you like and dislike about the relationship and your hope.

I was a wild child back then. I was rebellious, really! So, the list I made was a simple suggestion guide of what I hope the parents would do. BE HONEST is the key to everything. =) 

Hardly earn RM40.00

As-salam =)

Gosh, finally I had overcome 'the bad day'! I thought like I was making a 'deal contract' - deal of a moment in a life time with Rumpelstiltskin, a character in Shrek Forever After. 
Deal of 'Waitress for RM40.00 pay' by Rumplestiltskin

You see, I thought of working this semester break and I did. I applied for a job as a waitress here at Laguna Club House. So, yesterday (10/11/2011), I went to work from 4.00 - 12.00 a.m, being paid RM5.00/hour. Add up is RM40.00 for one long tiring eight hours of my life. Sigh!

Imagine me as this waitress, okay?

As usual, I dressed in a white top and black bottom, and of course with the hijab on. But my white is not a 'kemeja', but a blaus, match with my black jeans. Sorry, I am not going to wear a slack. In fact, don't have one. But, it's funny about how I dress as a waitress since I am totally not looking like one, with 'selendang' as my hijab. I have this one female co-workers named, Nurul. She wore an instant hijab, tucked in her shirt, while I prefer let my hijab go free, as if I was go out shopping. LOL!

I hate being ordered, like seriously! So, there he is, a full time worker named as N ordered me around doing. "Hey you, collect plates!", "Hey you there, arrange the glasses!". Hello! You are not even a head-waiter! And if so, could you at least say a magic word, 'please!'. As a matter of fact, he's even younger than me! Gggrrrr! Hate him!

It was a weeding ceremony with only about 700 guests, yet I was almost break my legs and swell the arms. Seriously, feel like I've been doing a double session of P.T, as in physical training. Well, P.T is how an army usually say it. :p But much worst!

Oh, working is so hard. I must say, I really admired and salute those who work hard earning own pocket money. Me? My intention applied for the job was to pay for my broadband fees. I owed the company about RM100-RM150, I don't know! Babah, he said he could give me the money IF I agreed to stop working. Oh, Babah, just so you know, I quit already! Huh! Seriously, I only woke up at 12.00 p.m the next day.

I only thought for the best. I agreed to work because I didn't want to burden the family about my broadband things. You see, I thought I already paid it! I used to pay RM300.00 in total for my broadband for about a year for six months in row. But since Babah had no problem paying for my broadband, oh, I couldn't say no! Hehe.

So, yippy yeah for me! Bye-bye hard works, and welcome leisure!

p/s: By the way, I still owe mother some home chores. So, the payment for broadband is not free after all ;p