Friday, November 23, 2012

Fake kindness and bla bla bla.


Sudden, random entry for the night. My youngest sister suddenly mention about a friend of mine - not longer exist. She said, "Tiyah, shasha ingat lagi dulu friend tiyah punya rumah ada benda ni. Shasha main dengan atok dia, adik dia ... bla bla bla!". My reaction was, **sudden freeze** OMG! She remembers it? Damn! She said for him to be kind to me, helping me, bla bla bla! I kind of shocked and emotional - a bit. I said, "I am no longer be friend with him. He's no good person. You don't even mention him again, okay?, when I was playing Pictureka game with her. 

Fucking faker - fake smile and kindness.
Big fakers - fake to show kindess
It's hard to look at the pass. I don't even want to remember any of it anymore, even though the pass made me who I am today. It's better to not mention it at all. Yes, fakers are everywhere. Fakers tend to show kindness, like 'oh, I am so perfect. I helped people and I love animals', like WTF? Ah, give me a break! So damn annoying and heart-ache, oke? 

I found several almost-be-a-fakers who always practice kindness and hardworking-ness, like 24/7! Just, they are not all the time annoying, just sometimes. But I am still okay with it, really.

So, spot your own fakers and be more cautious about it. Learnt from mistakes made and never turn back as it will hold you down and walk you slow. 

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