Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Naughty Mollies.


Hai, to you and you. My day is just one typical and casual. I am going to update about a little and budgeted hobby of mine, petting fishes. Not big fishes, but small and cheap fishes like Molly, for instance. I wrote about this in the previous entry. You see, now I know why people love fishes so much. Fishes soothe you, like so much. I can go all day, sitting down watching my fishes swim. I even can track which fish is the naughtiest. 

Okay, start of by introducing my new Aquaria members. I bought another two Mollies, known as the Ping Pong Mollies. They are so cute with their over-sized belly, shaped like a Goldfish. I always dream to have some Goldfishes. I have hard time finding my card reader to attach pictures I snapped just now, so I'll just attach some pics I found on the internet, okay? ...for the time being.

I called her, KIMBEE
I am actually want the 'black' fish to be a male. But, Kimbee happened to be the only black Molly fish available, so I just grabbed her. Oh, I also brought along the partner. The male happened to be more like dotted fish with orange and cream and a bit black on colour, more like a female yes? I named him Vanilla, haha since I love vanilla so much these days. But not official just yet. Still looking for some new names that suit him best. My youngest sister suggests to name him as Ken, after Barbie's husband, since she go nuts about Barbie. 

Vanilla VS Ken

He's sort of like this, but less stripes. Well, I always thought that this type of Molly, Ping Pong/Ballon Molly is bigger in size than my previous pet fishes. Yet, they are much smaller and often to be bullied by them, especially by Aji, my alpha domain male fish. Aji's getting bigger and he controls all the fishes in the Aquaria. Oh, and he made my Naomi pregnant again, like what? I already had 30+ baby fishes in a separated plastic aquarium, waiting for them to get bigger for them to join the parents. I can't help having additional baby fishes anymore! Maybe, I just have to kill Aji instead. Haha. Feed him to Ahjupo or something? 

To be true, I don't think this is such a waste of money. I tend to love fishes more these days. I love watching them swimming around the aquarium, go play with the bubbles, hiding inside a stone cave I built, go crazy after fish platelets, etc. It's just fun, don't you think? I am actually thinking about having more Mollies to my collection, but too afraid that they'll breed some more, that I have to buy much bigger tank. It's not the money I concern, but it's about how well I can take care of them. I can feed them, no problem. But, it's the comfort I care. You see, Mollies might die if the tank is too crowded. Molly is type of fish that demand a bigger surrounding for themselves, rather than the Guppies. Guppies are easier to take care of as they'll live even on a crowded tank.

For the time being, let's it be this way; 2 Mollies, 2 Swordtail (assorted), 2 Ballon Mollies, 30+ assorted babies, and more coming out of the pregnant Red Swordtail. I am offering my fishes to whomever want it for free. You can come and choose yourself. Usually the shop offers RM1.50/head, or more, but I am offering my healthy Mollies for FREE OF CHARGE! Oh, for COD only okay? within Penang and Sg. Petani area. Fishes cannot be post. 

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