Monday, June 11, 2012



Despite of me being a housewife for the week, I am doing the home chores while watching TV. Sweeping and moping, my eyes stay at TV, except for commercials of course. On the episode of the New Girl, the best friends, Cece, happens to not-telling Jess about her hook-up with the housemate (Forgot the name!). And, Jess knows about it by accident. Well, it is pretty the same about what I am facing here. I thought this semester break will finally break me from all the heart-ache regarding this, yet, SO HOPELESS!
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It is sort of my fault about not texting her to meet up. But, the thing is, I am waiting for her to text me to meet up. She's the busy one. She should text me, instead. I don't know if this is what people name as, EGOTISM. Or, EGO.IS.ME.

I thought of already loosing her. She rarely tell me anything, about what's going on in her life. I noticed it like ever, but I never speak. I only ignore. But, I guess it reaches the limit to where I cannot sit back anymore. Pity. 

To be brave, and not dependable.


Life had  been tougher. Yes! As we grew old, challenges grew with us. And we have to stand still and strong to beat it - hard. For a growing lady as me, I can barely stand on my feet to face this. It was a mistake to tender me to bone these passed four years growing up. I became less-dependable towards my own living. This is how I find my food - 

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"Hubby, I am hungry. Let's go eat. 8.00 pm sharp, okay?"

Sort of like an order. Hey, you can't really mess with hungry stomach. You could have been killed, okay? Haha. But, since I am moving out of the hostel and have my own car, I have to survive on my own. Of course it still will be teaxting going on. Just, the content will looks like this -
"Going to find something to eat. Out with housemates".

3 minutes later.

"At Dayana's now. Have you eat yet?"

15 minutes later.

"Where are you?"


He's technically my Twitter and Facebook. I update to him. He gets the text, he knows and everything will be fine then. He has no problem with me going out and drive, I just have to take care of myself - all the basic safely thing. It's just me - I am like that. I like to update my status and location to him. And, sometimes he was like, HAHA. He never ignores me like so. 

So, good for me. ITS - I Think So.

Three days left before Friday, so stay cool and brave. Girl Power, all right? Maybe, this is when the five of us will be so close together like before ^ ^ Hope.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A person who can inspire people.


It seems like I am in a very good mood to update blog today. Oh, regarding the tittle of the entry, I want to be that person. It doesn't matter who had inspired me. We all got one specific person to go as a role model. I really admired and inspired by Wardina Safiyyah and Irma Hasmie. And, for one plain person, I choose Kak Bieya. She's a friend of mine. She's so sweet and kind and soft-spoken and so cute to look at! Oh. Going nuts here. But, on top of that, there is someone who inspired me the most - to be successful  yet so beautiful. Not going to mention the name here. 

I guess I will go to bed smiling ^ ^ 

Boleh tak nak bubuh mood bawah ni? Haha.

MOOD: Happy :) Inspired 8) Anxious 6) Impatient :P 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Butterflies had their own football fever.


I am actually counting days towards next coming Friday. So, technically, seven days to go. Not so excited about this whole 'rumah sewa' thing. I am more anxious about our stay there. It is a new thing and a new environment to all of us, and a new routine. So, we might need times to really get used to this whole new things, especially the organizing part. 

Mom already warn me about decorating my room with tons of stuffs. She said, "You will soon be out to school. No time to take care of the house. So make it simple, will you?" - in my own words.

Practicum, is the next thing to worry about. Two months at school never been easy, especially for newbie like us. So much to learn, so little time. And meanwhile, I have a diet program to complete. Like, ye la sangat! Diet konon!
Pray hard for everything. My butterflies in stomach had gone crazy now. Maybe they play football inside there. So much for one crazy fever!
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In version of 'not so crazy' butterfly


Monday, June 4, 2012

She talks bad, then she talks back.


I was one slow evening. I was acting lazy, enjoying the rest of my holiday at home. I was blog walking just now, reading entry from my dear sister, Syarah. She wrote about her high school friend, about how she misses them so much and the close friend. Things tend to change as we grew up. I noticed. I mean, friends are going separate ways. Even I did. I rarely contact my friends. But in my case, most of the friends are boys. So, it's just not nice for me to still hanging out like so anymore. For girl friends, sometimes I labelled myself as one failed friend. I don't ever hang out with them, or text. Sigh! I, for some reason am mad at myself regarding this. 

Sometimes, it is getting lonely. Yes! I rarely did the 'girl hang out' anymore. It is not like the hubby doesn't allow me to do so. Trust me, he's the sporting one. It is just me. I get jealous whenever I see girl friends hang out - and things are so okay between them. But, most of scene I've seen was sort of a fake friendship. I mean, they still hang out together, but yet can really stab each other on the back. She talks bad, then she talks back. Then, act like BFF. Damn! What is it?? That is one of kind of friendship I hate the most. 

But, it is rather that fake friendship, or being along. I rather be alone. It is not like I have no friend at all. My friends are like the fingers. You can count them and you don't forget. 

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Oh, and my friends are like this. Only one hand involved.