Friday, November 16, 2012

I made Mango crepes.


Crepes can be pretty expansive, right? RM12.00 for six crepes. Like, what? My money are meant to be spend on something else. So, I made my research about how to make this baby. I choose mango since I already have my home made mango jam. 

For somebody who had tried the recipe at home, I am advising you to just buy that RM12.00 crepes. It's just hard to make a perfect one. I made mine like 'lempeng'. A bit thick, and burned a bit at the bottom. Not nice to see, just nice to eat.

Oh, and one more thing. The filling is the most tricky part. I made mine like two or three times before I can come out with filling that willing to fluff. So hard! Yet, it tastes so good, with a bit sweet and sour taste from the mango jam.

Bcoz of the melting filling, I had this stored in the fridge

I turned extra filling cream into ice cream. 

See, exactly like ice cream right? Tasty too ^ ^

It tastes just like this! Sedap kan??

I can just buy my own crepes, but since it's school holiday, I decide to make one - just to drag my time ^ ^ Luckily, all my crepes had been eaten. And even have requests for more crepes from the pregnant mother to be. Auuwwww! It tastes so good that even the unborn baby loves it - craving for more and more!

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