Thursday, November 22, 2012

How I wish to decorate my house - LIVING ROOM.


I wish for my house to be like this one ^ ^ Even berangan aje lebih, tapi at least I got my own aims about how my life will looks like. In Sha Allah, ya?

Growing up in a house full or packed of perabot jati  make me realize and having thought of having a simple home decorations. Maybe a few sofas in bright color and a coffee table for the living room. A bouquet of plastic flowers for the finishing touch. Simple right? This is how I always design my THE SIMS 3 house. 

new get modern livingroom 13

For long term use, maybe I could get a much darker sofa, yet bright like bright red, light or deep brown or black for the simple-yet-elegance's touch. Also, to cover up the emptiness of the living room and the 'personal design' (contengan) of future toddlers of us. 


Or, maybe I could add something to it, like some really-cute pillows, animal shaped or something, or a floral design. Really love those! And, could add fragrant to it, like one on the coffee table. See? For a romantic get-a-way. Oh, maybe a mattress or carpet could help enlighten up my living room too. Perfect match, right? 

I am somebody who doesn't care about wall, whether it has a wallpaper on it or not, it really doesn't bother me. But, I believe the right color or living room might effect your mood. My choice of color is something soft like, light orange, soft yellow or just plain white.


Apart of that, I would be flatter if my living room has some hanging book shelve, like one above. Simple, neat and eye-catching, don't you think? Book shelves just an option, though. If you plan to keep it simple, refer to design NO 1 and NO 2.

Oh, and foremost, I would love a chandelier in my living room. I know this might cost me some $$, but just an option too! ^ ^ I had search some chandelier's design for the living room. My version of naming the chandelier is, lampu ngada-ngada! Memang mengada sungguh lar! HAHA. Well, I like this one. Modern design, of course.

round chandelier of scandinavian living room 300x199 round chandelier of scandinavian living room


Cantik, kan! Cost you like $$$$$ for one hanging lampu ngada-ngada, oke? Kalau ado duit lebih, baru pasang ni hah. Bila entah nak ada duit lebih. HAHA. Berangan lebih boleh lar! 

This is my idea about how to decorate my living room at my own house, which might be in 20, 30+ ! Nobody knows future, right? So, let's just have aims about what we are going to grab fast in life. I have ideas of my own that I am truly thrill to me it works. I really do love modern design, truly. Just, think about how are you going to fit all the ideas on this type of house.


Later on, I will write about the 'DREAM HOUSE' of mine! ^ ^ So, how's ur living room going to be? Write an entry about it, oke? Waiting anxiously and boring-ly! Kuang kuang.. 

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  1. HAHAHA. nak nak simple deco semua nak IKEA. verangannn jelaa. HAAHAHHA.

    btw, aku ade ckp kt naim pasal plan keluar. hari ahad kau ade plan? dia kata lpas sambut pulang has and adhir, nak direct g amik kau kt um. leh cillout cillout. HAHA. maaf, kredit tamat tempoh. sedday! :|