Saturday, November 17, 2012

A part time job.

As-salam =)

A school holiday means, I really have to stay home - not encourgaed to get a job. But, since my youngest sister is now already i school, so mother decided to not let her plays so much. She asked me to do a home tuition for her, so that we won't forget or at least be ready to be in standard two. 


Shasha and I, we decide on the schedule just now. She agrees to study more. I set her leisure time, when she's going to eat, time for bath and time to sleep. Amazingly, she agrees with all the terms and conditions I applied. Yes, easier for me too! I told her that even we are on the vacation, she will have to study that I'll bring her all her books along with us on vacation. Hah! Cruelty much! Yet, for her own good too. 

Kids these days are so brilliant that they have to struggle more and harder than us, if the really want to succeed. Am I right? But, to be honest, I really don;t want to push her too much that I'm scared she might be lost interest in studying later. I believe kids deserve to have fun, or she might not have something fun to talk about later. I believe that intelligent have to stay in line with the personalities, moral values and socialism. Or, she might be facing a big trouble later. Trust me! She would not dare to enter the society since she don't know how to mix around. And, that's important. 


And, not to forget to teach little one Quran and Jawi. Ummah's strength. I noticed that people these days are take 'born Muslim' for granted. Like, if you were born Muslim, then you knew everything about Islam already. So wrong! We all got some unsaid things to ourself, even I did. How I wish I had learnt Quran, Akhlak, Ibadah, Feqah, Sirah, Jawi, etc harder when I was a kid. I take this for grated. How I wish for this to change. How I wish I have children now so that I'll teach them harder about Islam. 

I wish.

Apart of that, I am actually a MS Words's teacher - part time. HAHA. How about that? I am teaching dear mother about how to use MS Words. I find it too expansive for a short and basic MS Words, cost about RM50 for 16 hours lesson, offered by the GSC company. Don't you? Let's be smart about doing business on school holiday, okay? Let's do something that might get our pocket thick. HAHA cruelty much! 

Money money money! I love money! ^ ^

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