Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Superb great Ahjupoo.

As-salam =)

It has been a while, more than a week since the home cat killed by one 'hit and run' driver. We managed to do well in life, when I suddenly saw this one stray hostel cat at the fire drill near the toilet. He was one black-brownish cat. So thin that I could feel the back bone. I took him in with me, sleep inside my room. He was good and well-trained that I believed was lost more than few months. So, I decided to call mother to ask to bring this cute cat home. I send the MMS. She was quite okay with it actually since it is a Persian Cat. And, I think she's a bit excited about it too. 

When I found him...

He starts to feel good and getting annoying

One habit of him, sleeps on something.

On my way to send him home

My sister, she asked me to not upload or snap picture of the cat. She kind of 'almost believe' this one sort of superstitious believe that, "If you take picture of animals (on this case, cat), it will soon die". Well, she not really believes it, like hardly believe. It's just, she's too afraid of loosing another family members.

Am deciding to heading back home this weekend. So, hello hello Ahjupoo! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Double the laughter.


In my previous entry, I wrote about one typical thing about friends. Now that the entry had became one big reality, we just have to work this out. Do as planned. And, that's it. But, simple thing may something be more burdensome than one more complicated. The thing is, now that you know how they were - fake act and fake smile, do nothing about it. Smile. Their laugh can only be heard now, not then. While, we can laugh now and laugh even harder when they finally realize how stupid they were. 

Double the laughter.

Friends, judge them by counting who sit near you when things are falling apart, and who sit the longest. Most people have amount of friends only when they reach the top, not when they met the bottom. So, now that you know the truth, stick it to your mind, to never trust anybody except you.

Honest opinion, been there.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We all got one secret life.

As-salam =)

People may seems so fine on the outside, yet could be really different as you get to know them well. Or, in certain cases, you don't need to know them real well. The color will somehow glitz. As for somebody in early sweet 20th, 'secret life' is not so secret anymore, compared to one during the teen phase. Correct me if I am wrong, okay? I speak more to myself that I believe most people experienced almost the same things as I did. For me, life is not so secret. It's more to sacred. OK. Just today, I am not pointing about 'how sacred life can be', OR, anything about sacred.

A young adult like myself thought that, secret life in no secret to most of family members. Just, to some friends we might find not so compatible to be with - most of time. I categorize my friends to some stages, most of them. It's not my real intention to hide what am I doing, OR what exactly am I doing. It's just, 

--something are better left unsaid--

It's better that way, to keep the warmness of the relationship between friends that as far as I know, friends tend to talk back once in a while. So, as an early prevention, I choose ti just shut.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the end, it's really up to me.

As-salam =)

Second entry for today. Ideas suddenly pooped up off the head, pushed my fingers to dance at the keyboard. It's always something when it comes to people around us. Sometimes, it's just hard enough to describe what and how are they thinking. And, most of times, we end up misunderstood them. Am I right? So, as for me, I had learnt a big lesson today. I learnt that,

"People may seems just nice enough - most of time right in front you. But, deep inside them, you might not gonna realize 'the strategy' they are playing to beat you up. The moment you knew, it would be too late to cry. But, here's the good part! You can always learn from it".

This one is priceless, and it's mine! =)

Image Detail
Am I hurting anyone??

 Most of friends prefers to talk to others before making a move. But, this strategy end up making them miles back behind others; it slows them down. People have this fear of  'to hurt' - fear of hurting others. Actually, too afraid that they might coincidentally hurt others. Nonsense! You can always apologize, right? So, what's up with that kind of thought?

Image Detail
We made decision, whether to go left or right.

I've been in the incident, where I could consult with this one friend of mine - used to be so close. But, it ends up with all this incident of stabbing at the back, sour faces and do not talk to one another. And now, I realize, that I could always consult with anyone I wanted, but the decision is always on me. He/She not suppose to decide on what and how I should do. They can just share the thought. The rest is on me.

But, by doing this, I can clearly see the falseness of screwed friendship. I've seen it before, just I keep forgetting about how hurt it is to be stabbed. I purposely forgetting it so that I could easily forgive and forget. But, since 'things' are just like what it used to be, then I'll say, "Gotcha, faker!".

Image Detail
Gosh, you are fake!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

When things are just hard enough, you insisted to put rock on me.


Things are just getting worse these days. We were falling apart, doing own things and not considering loyalty and spirit. It's just, I am glad that you can finally feel and see everything I've been through. 

"When things are just hard enough, you insisted to put rock on me" 
(Yaya Qiestina, 2012)

I am more matured now, thanks to you. But sorry, by matured, it doesn't mean to easily forgive and forget of what you did to me when everything turns it back on me. You just make my day hard enough to live, with the fake smile and acts. Damn, hate it! Now, that things has finally reveal the true you, I am glad. So that you can learn to give-and-take and to consider - not taking control of everything as if you are just best enough! I don't know how many times I might need, but I am still hurt.

I knew all about the 'talking bad' behind my back, believe me. It is so obvious that you are that somebody who could talk bad about others. Now, its your turn to experienced it. So, good luck, then! I considered myself as one good friend since I can actually wish you best luck :P

I don't give a damn about what might be happening. The thing is, I don't really care. Serve you well. Remember the quota,

"What goes around, comes around" - 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I knew how it feels - Sayonara

One fine evening turns to a tragedy when this silver/grey Harrier knocked down my home cat, Gege. The car don't even hesitate to slow down or stop. Surely, he/she knows about the knocking thing since the Chinese neighbors also aware about it, even they are at the end of the corner (few houses away from mine).

FUCK YOU, Harrier!!!!!!

I am still shocked about what had happened. The cat ran out of the house to play at the porch, when the younger sister ran towards her. She is one playful cat that she responses by running towards the open road, and then, bbbbaaannngggg!!!!! She's all gone! Once again, the fucking Harrier don't even hesitate to stop!!!

I was all panicking when I saw the cat had been knocked down. No injuries! We thought that she's been hit on the legs, but the legs seem fine. I kindly look at the cat, and said, "She could not make it!", yet still ran inside to get my hijab to take her to the pet clinic. Too late, she's already gone!

Actually, I am quite relieve that she's gone. If not, she could have suffered broken ribs - maybe she could not even stand up. Its the fucking Harrier I am so pissed about!

Its all happened so fast that I could not take it all in one shot. I needed times. I am the one who took care of this pity cat when she was sick. I cleaned the ears, doing the bath, feed her medicines, all that. Pity to see her died right in front of me :(

Now I know how the sister felt when she lost her cat (also my cat. Its just, she cares about the cat a lot, like I did to this dead cat!). Its hard to believe.

Bury her beside the old cat named, Berok

Marked by one broken roof piece

Where she rest in peace

This is a continued writing (7/2/2012). I still can't get her off the mind. Now, whenever I look at cats, I start to think of her. Don't know I could miss her this much; although she's one annoying cat - yet cute! :( Mom keep on reminding me to not bring my hostel's cat home. And I said, "Don't worry lar! I am done with this cat thing for a while".