Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Diary hamil for dear preggy sister.


I went to Tesco this evening with mother, Wawa and Shasha to buy some stuffs. Shasha insisted to go to the MPH Book Stores for her Barbie's magazine. I was looking for my usual 'home remedies' book when I suddenly thought of my 5 weeks pregnant sister. I rushed for the 'Diary Hamil' book. This is another one thing I can get pretty high about other than fishes, believe me. I didn't get my sister anything for her wedding, so I think this might do things right. I am superb excited to be a young aunty. 

I did asked mother about her plan after Kakak bersalin nanti? She asked me to survey for product after bersalin. She knows I am good at this thing. Okay, this is quite an honor for someone whom has never get marry to look for such product. But, I accepted the task and looking forward for that. 

A gift for deary sister

Future parents ^ ^

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