Monday, November 19, 2012

Sick Balloon Molly, Vanilin


I feel terrible about my sick Vanilin, my balloon molly. Isshh! I felt guilty about what happened. Now I realize that having pet is not only fun, but means more responsibility. My sister told me about the sick fish, but I thought it was a normal thing for fish to have, that I don't pay much atention about it - I don't even go check on the fish. But today, as I was checking the tank and cleaning it, I notice the eyes really pop-out, like swollen or something with this grey and slimy fluid on it. As I feed him, he don't even notice the food. He swallows whatever in front if him only, and tend to eat less - I noticed.

I went out to nearest fish shop and asked them about this. They suggested to treat Vanilin with water solution. I don't know if this will works, but tawakal is better than doing nothing watch him to die, right? From the quick research I made, the disease called, pop-eyed. It is due to poor water quality, imbalance gas in aquarium or maybe from the fish itself. 

For the poor water quality, it's advise to use 'clorine rinse'. It's cheap, just MYR1+ only per bottle. Only few drops needed of 2' aquarium. It lasts longer, too. Imbalance gas is due to the imbalance pressure inside and out of the aqaurium. Okay, new tips for fish breaders (all types)! Make sure you wait for few minutes after pouring needed water (the right amount and level of water) into the aquarium. I quote this from a website,

"Water in a newly filled tank will be supersaturated with gases and you will see the gas bubbles covering the inside of the tank. The more that the water is agitated as you are pouring it in for the first time, the less supersaturation you will have. Agitation of water releases gas from it. Normal aeration will speed up the time that it takes for this excess gas to leave the water. When the bubbles on the tank disappear, then it is safe to put your fish into the new water".

If you really love and serious to take care of fishes, make sure you do this, okay? For myself, I admit that I am too lazy to spend too much time waiting for the water to be mix with the anti-chlorine. Sometimes, I place the fishes first, then drop the anti-chlorine right on them and mix. Not going to happen again, promise!

For more information, kindy click on the link herehere and here about the swollen eyes. Alert! This might be happening to betta fish and guppies as well, and other tropical fishes.

My advise is, to always do research about your pet fish/s (if you do care!)

Notice his swollen eyes? Not yet?

Close-up. He looks like an alien!

I bought this. The white one is the food , named 'weekend block'

Simple Aquaria.

Will get extra vitamin and health care for my fishes. I am too scared for the loss. I might blame myself for everything. Sigh! Oh, and Vanilin will go on the trip to KL with me. I am taking him along, leaving other fishes behind with the help of electric water filter and food block (sort of an auto feeder).

Will update soon about Vanilin's health. My friend once said, "fishes are like babies! you need to fully take care of them". Now I believe you, Plain Jane! ^ ^

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  1. cmne dgn kandungan garam? banyak tak letak? sbb kadang2 kandungan garam yg terlebih atau kurang boleh sbb kan ikan sakit. just a simple reminder. :)

  2. aq letak sikit je. dalam secubit, dua cubit gituh ;) susah hati betul tengok ikan sakit tu. jaga anak jek