Saturday, April 21, 2012

To the 100% unusual that bothers me.


This is something unusual about myself, something that never been in my mind for these past few good years. I've been thinking a lot about it - give a deeper thought about what might be going on behind the back, to something I put my 100% trust on might come to the end. Hope not. 

If I am dealing with the same situation at the age of 17, I could go nuts about it. It won't be so peaceful as things are nowadays. 

For some reasons, I felt threatens by it - to the situation. I know that I am actually winning, yet feel like losing - already fall far behind. I don't know! But why in the world I feel that way? I have this one intuition lately. Some uneasy feeling, like there's something going on behind the back. It's just, seems so not. I can never detect the 'falseness'. I used to be so damn good about it - I can really tell when people are hiding something. But now? Oh, sometimes I wish to have part of my skill back. 

But, I hope for the best. I wish to tie the knot. Pray hard.

^ ^ I still smile, aren't I? Even on toughest obstacles. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Checklist boyfriend idaman saya

As-salam =)

I found this on a blog.


But, my opinion is, not all sexy women have this as their checklist. They're still hoping for a hand to come and grab them - a husband who can pays his duty towards the religion and family in the right way. It is our job to help this helpless people towards Jannah. Most of my friends are still hanging on their feet, waiting for that somebody to come and get them.

Lucky for me, I've found my guy! Alhamdulillah. Hope he'll soon be mine.