Thursday, September 27, 2012

6 months outside the usual

As-salam =)

It has been almost six months living outside the usual. To be honest, I learnt more about friendship this way, to see how people and myself react on some very unusual situations, like never happen before. It is quite tiring to have to move out and pack things all over again. But hey, I am flexible. As long as I don't hear complaints afterwards, it's fine by me. 

Things I love the most about living here is, to go out whenever I desire. But, for the privacy parts, ZERO, like almost none. People go in and of of the bedroom to go to the toilet. Hey, really it's okay! It's just, I hate people sneak into my stuffs. You don't use ticket of 'classmate' to simply take a look at my stuffs. I may have some part of myself to where I put a border between you and me, because we are just a classmate, and happen to be only friends - not a close one. The border between you and me still thick and thickening. I tell to only people that I trust, and have potential to 'keep the mouth shut', and not complaining at all.

So, this is my blog. I tell only the truth. Deep down inside myself, I am quite happy to move in back to the hostel - to get the privacy back, even some part of me still struggling to accept it. 

Be patient. Only a year away.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thank you for giving back my strength.

As salam =)
Practicum is as busy as the bee. I am not feeling well these passed few days due to ear infection, plus the gastric and constipation. Nausea kind of my best buddy all week long. I've been to clinic. The doctor gave me some antibiotic, stomachache and constipation pills. But, it's not even close to this medicine, HUBBY #1 ! Haha.. we went out today to buy my ticket to KL next Friday, went to movie and supper. I ate a lot, like 3/4 of my bowl. It rarely happens, so considered like I eat a lot just now.

Fuh! Alhamdulillah. I am glad that I can finally feeling much better; healthier. I can't wait to finish my semester. All this hard works are making me so damn tired. All the dramas and scenes - even more tired. But, luckily dramas are over now. Some of it that happening now are not even Blockbuster, so I am glad.

Praying for all the goodness only for all of us. May Allah S.W.T bless the good deeds we did to the students. InsyaAllah.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Move the stupidity somewhere else.

As salam

I certainly am not in quite pleasant mood. I suffered from noises and lack of sleep - even if I could and should sleep like a baby. There is a time when people should pay more attention to the surrounding, of what it might speaks. People agreed to the stupidity. Yes, it's so stupid that you might want to yell the hell out of you. Sometimes, we might not even want to concern or know things, we ignored it - even if it happens right on the face, but we can't help it. The forces of the stupidity are just so strong. 

We react based on the natural and normal reaction of human being. For example, A is acting crazy and always put burdens on B, like always. What would you do? 

I am not going to answer that 'cause my answer will never change a thing. Just going to be sour face and heart-ache. For the safest method of all, I just continue to live my life, do and care for my own things - even if it's hard to do so. 

Believe me.