Friday, November 2, 2012

Between the rain, there is sunshine.


It has been bad for me these passed few days. World's like crushing onto me. Like, there's no escape anymore. I felt the burden on me, like I don't deserve to mix. But, it was all a feeling. I was being hyperbola a bit. Haha. But, really. I felt stress somehow. Something I've been avoiding all these years has finally stood still right in front of me, like hell. Arrrgghhh! Stress! 

I talk this shit to Mother yesterday as I reached home with hubby. She said that, "You will somehow meet and dealing with people you like less, so head up! Try to be happy with it!". It's easy to say than to do, okay? I have my own life that I don't want any people whom I don't like to interfere or get near it. 

It's all been a shock to me. And I still can't accept this shit. And I don't think I'll feel better even after the holiday. But, I think it's going to be okay, if I don't need to see it so frequently. 

Hope so. Just trying to set a positive mind, okay?

Hoping and praying for only the best thing in life. Let's pray for life to be less painful and less heart-ache for me. Please, God.

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