Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcoming Ramadhan

As-salam =)

Happy fasting, dear friends! I was truly excited about this Ramadan. 
Yet, feeling lit' gloomy that I will not be able to see and get involve with my lit' sister, Shasha fasting days. 
It must be exciting to see a kid trying to fast for the first time, aite? 
As for myself, I was trying to search for my courages:

  1. to do my Subuh pray at surau
  2. have a proper sahur and 
  3. do my Terawih. 
I wish.
Ya Allah, send me some of your Taufiq.
Help me, Ya Allah.    

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love the way he behaved.

As-salam =)


They played together and she loved him.

They played together and she enjoyed it.

I was grateful to know and have him in my life.
He changed me.
He changed the way I think about how to live a life.
He made me thought of many much important things, rather than what I did in pass.
He made me smile most of time.
He stands by me no matter what.
I am so grateful and thankful ..
to Allah SWT to have the opportunity to be even better in person,
to pray upon You.
to live for You.
Ya Allah.
I pray for you.
If we are not meant to be, find him a better someone than I am
to love and care for him.
( ^_^ )

Dance the Boboy.

As-salam =)

WOW! Countless entries for today. This 3rd entries is about a monkey I met at Sg. Chenaam for BIG program on 15-17 JULY 2011. His name is Boboy. Quite a naughty and fierce monkey as he bit me up. He don't have sharp teeth, but somehow I forgot he still a monkey with strong teeth and jaw. Silly me! I tried to cover up the pain he did in front of my friends to ease up the situation, avoid the panicking. Works at first but I can't bear it any longer. It did bleed a bit but luckily I am okay. =) And now I have new tiny scars on my right hand. 

Here's Boboy!

Shake him a bit, here and there .. pooofff a dancing monkey!

Home made Body Scrub!

As-salam =)

A friend of mine complaints about how scaly his skin gets when exposed to too much sunlight. Haha. Hey, we are the PE student. Scaly skin and sunburned, always! Take cover by:
  1. Apply some amounts of sunblock. (I suggest sunblock SPF130 PA++ by Sunplay! A bit expensive, yet works well!)
  2. Scrub, scrub and scrub!
I just love to do my own body scrub. I trust the traditional methods and ingredients more. The ingredients and apparatus are:
  • A bottle jar (Mayonese bottle will do!)
  • A blender
  • Rice grain (Any type)

  1. Stir and heat up some amount of rice grains. Do not use and pour cooking oil while do this. Notice that the flame is just moderate. Stir well until the rice grains turn slightly yellow and darker color. 
  2. Place it aside for awhile to cool up before you continue.
  3. Blend it well.
  4. Ready to use!   
This is how I made my body scrub. You can always modify the body scrub ingredients. For example, you can also blend green beans along with it.Green beans are great to dry up body pimples and to remove minor scars traditionally. 

OR, you can just switch the plain rice grains with gluticious rice (beras pulut). As I noticed, most of Thailand ladies have smooth, tender and beautiful skin. I did some research about their beauty secret and found out that they always eat this gluticious rice and scrub with it. And eat 'kunyit hidup' rawly (jadikan ulam). Once a month, I trained myself to blend and mix the 'kunyit hidup' along with my home made scrub and bathed with it. Don't worry! It won't make your skin yellow in color. =)

This is my home made scrub,

Believe me, not? 

Seriously, try it! =)

I am a role model.

As-salam =)

I don't realize that I am capable to gain people's attention. Seriously, I don't because I don't really notice people glazing at me. This morning while I was playing volleyball, En. Rosdaud, he waved his hands, called me. I was shocked. My head was 100% in game. And at that time, I was thinking about, "Who's going to replace me?". LOL! I ran to him and asked him why. He said, "Qistina, awak boleh buat Y scale dan cartwheel lagi?". "Hmm.. boleh. Kenapa?". "Saya nak minta awak tolong tunjuk kemahiran tu pada gimnas-gimnas muda ni." 



He asked me to do:
  1. CARTWHEEL on a straight line.
  2. CARTWHEEL on agility mattress.
  3. CARTWHEEL beside gymnastic bench. 
  5. Y SCALE on gymnastic bench.

I was nervous to do his forth favor. I never did my cartwheel on a bench before! But then, he said, "Tak apa. Saya kan ada? Saya jaga awak." It was a relief. I trust him to catch me. Alhamdulillah, I did not fall. He asked me to do it again, and this time sharply and acrobatically. And I did. Applause for me. 

Fifth favor, I did my Y scale as I always did. I don't even find it hard to do because I used to do it when I was a kid. And I don't realize that my Y scale was so great until I get this loud cheer and applauses from the student audience (louder than the applause I get when I did cartwheel on bench). I was very shy and keep thinking, "Was it great?". I was aiming to do a straight line since I was a kid, and I failed. But, somehow my failure really entertain and motivates other people. =) 

My other aim was be able to do and great at : WALK-OVER

I still fail to do it. And these days, I can't find time to practice the walk-over or even continue to do my pilates and yoga. I don't even have enough time to do my assignment well. Haha. LOL! I wish for time do pass by more slow. 

Moral of the day:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am a mummy bird.

As-salam =)

Happy Saturday, guys. Perhaps most of my friends are enjoying their weekend, being at home - being served and self-focusing, yet I stayed here thought that she would need a friend to talk to and sleep with, but I was wrong. You see, she was out dating and left a mummy job for me. 

Yesterday, she had rescued a baby bird in a drain. The bird happened to be called as 'Bobby' somehow might be falling down from the 3rd floor roof. The unknown species was left sleeping in a tissue box, fed by crushed Hup Seng cream creaker and few drops of plain water. I am not a big fan of bird but I love my part-time job. I fed Bobby down to his throat few times today. Trust me, bird eats a lot and poop a lot too!I never imagine myself feed him with dry worms as I really hate it. I asked a friend of mine, Shakira to buy him some 'dedak', the one with dry and processed corns to feed him dinner and supper. But I guess 'dedak' are hard to find these days as it's almost like four hours+ since she left. =( 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Siapa yang cantik?

As-salam =)

Happy Thursday, everyone! =) As you may know, today (7 July 2011) is actually a public holiday for Penang due to its memorable of historical city (Bandaraya Bersejarah - tak reti la nak translate in formal English. haha). I considered today as a perfect day to relax and self-reflect as I sort of losing grip on something in some parts, especially when it comes to class routine, like the class register? I totally too tired to neat it up! Now, here comes my chance! =) 

But, for today, my first self-reflect is gonna be on, 'Siapa lebih cantik'? I was scrolling down my facebook's page when I saw a note, shared by a friend of mine. 

Here's the note.


Kalau di Bollywood mungkin kata mereka, Aishwarya Rai yang tercantik, atau di Hollywood, Paris Hilton adalah cantik pada pandangan mereka dan mungkin juga di Malaysia, Fasha Sandha yang tercantik.
Siapa agaknya yang dapat memberi definisi dan ciri-ciri tepat tentang apa yang dikatakan sebagai 'cantik'?
Cantik adalah sesuatu yang sangat subjektif. Setiap orang mempunyai definisi kecantikan masing-masing.
Mungkin bagi saya, cantik adalah begitu dan begini, tapi bagi anda, lain pula.
Tiada siapa dapat memberi definisi tepat tentang cantik.
Mata lah yang akan mendefinisi cantik. Namun kini, pada pendapat saya, barat sudah pun mempengaruhi definisi cantik pada dunia dan hampir seluruh dunia memakai definisi cantik barat.
Kadang kala, cantik juga didefinisi mengikut tempat, kaum dan budaya.
Kalau di barat sekarang, the thinner the better, tapi berbeza pula di Mauritania, Africa, the bigger the better.
Orang di barat berperang dengan aneroksia dan bulimia akibat mahu kurus, sebaliknya di Mauritania, wanita mengamalkan 'makan paksa' sejak berumur 5-6 tahun untuk gemuk, agar menjadi cantik dan mudah mendapat jodoh.
Sungguh berbeza kan? Definisi kecantikan yang sungguh berbeza.
Ataupun, ada juga yang sanggup melakukan pelbagai cara yang pada pandangan kita pelik dan tidak masuk akal tetapi pada mereka, itulah cantik!
Satu kaum di Thailand menganggap leher panjang itu cantik, lantas sejak dari umur 5 tahun lagi, mereka sudah dipakaikan gelang logam di leher agar leher mereka akan menjadi semakin panjang dan panjang dan panjang justeru mereka cantik dan mudah mendapat jodoh.
Di Sarawak pula, suku kaum Oran Ulu menganggap telinga panjang itu sangat cantik pada mata mereka, lagi panjang, lagi cantiklah seseorang wanita itu pada pandangan mereka.
Tapi kini, generasi muda sudah tidak lagi mengamalkan amalan ini. (Mungkin sudah terikut-ikut definisi cantik barat..hmmm)
Perlukah jadi cantik?
Di Mexico, kaum wanita menghabiskan separuh dari gaji mereka untuk kecantikan seperti ke salun, malahan ada juga pakej bayar secara ansuran untuk pembedahan plastik.
Atau di Iran, pembedahan hidung sangat popular di sana.
Wanita Iran sanggup berkorban wang ringgit demi mendapatkan hidung yang diidam-idamkan lantaran kata mereka, hidung mereka besar.
Tetapi saya tertanya-tanya juga, bukankah mereka Islam dan Islam melarang pembedahan plastik untuk tujuan kecantikan? Wallahualam.
Bayangkan betapa wanita-wanita ini mahu kelihatan cantik.
Betapa pentingnya menjadi cantik pada seorang wanita itu.
Macam-macam sanggup dikorbankan, wang ringgit, masa, kesakitan yang perlu ditanggung demi cantik, bahkan, hukum agama pun sanggup dilanggar demi cantik.
Tidak kisahlah perbuatan mereka dilarang agama, janji mereka kelihatan cantik. Plastic surgery,Botoxliposuctiongastric bypass sekarang bermain di sekitar hidup wanita demi cantik.
Walaupun mereka sedar akan kesan sampingan perbuatan ini, semua itu ditolak tepi, demi CANTIK.
Innallah jamil, wa yuhibbu jamal: Allah itu cantik dan sukakan kecantikan.
Kata mereka, apabila diri terasa cantik, barulah mereka ada keyakinan diri.
Saya juga bersetuju dengan ini, tetapi bukanlah sampai sanggup berkorban segalanya demi cantik.
Allah suka akan kecantikan, tetapi bukan lah sehingga mengubah ciptaanNya.
Tambahan lagi, mereka yang ekstrem mahu kelihatan cantik ini, bukanlah mahu kelihatan cantik di mata Allah, tapi di mata manusia. Semuanya dilakukan agar kelihatan cantik pada manusia dan agar mendapat tempat di hati manusia.
Dulu sewaktu kecil, saya juga suka kelihatan cantik.
Kalau baju pink, maka seluruh badan perlu pink termasuklah sepit dan pengikat rambut. Tapi kini, saya bukan perempuan yang obses cantik, kerana pada saya, cantik bukan sekadar di wajah, tapi cantik itu dari akhlak dan keimanannya kepada Pencipta.  
Cantik akan pudar walau cuba dipertahankan, tapi akhlak itu hiasan yang kekal pada diri seorang wanita.
Wanita yang cantik akhlaknya, maka cantiklah luarannya.
Tiada guna mempunyai wajah seindah bidadari kerana satu hari nanti, kita cuma akan menjadi tengkorak yang menakutkan.
Bukanlah tidak perlu menjadi cantik dan perlu mejadi buruk sedangkan Allah menyukai kecantikan, tetapi, biarlah cantik itu kerana Allah, dan definisi cantik itu juga perlu sesuai dengan Islam.
Janganlah sanggup melanggar larangan agama demi kelihatan cantik.
Perbaikilah akhlak diri sekaligus, anda akan kelihatan cantik pada pandangan Allah dan pandangan manusia.
Bersyukurlah dan berpuas hati lah dengan kurniaan Allah kepada kita, dan gunakan ia sebaik-baiknya hanya keranaNya.
Tiada yang lebih indah pada ibu bapa selain anak-anak yang soleh solehah, tiada yang lebih bahagia pada seorang suami selain seorang isteri yang solehah dan tiada yang lebih bernilai pada Allah selain hambaNya yang soleh solehah.


This is something we don't get everyday; self-reflect on what is beauty! I don't easily judge people by  the way they look because I happened to know some friends whom are not as good as they look. But, to be honest, sometimes I do depends on one appearances for my first impression. Example of the situation often to be when my previous boyfriend (my C H E N T A now, he never cheats on me!) cheated on me with another girl. So, I would 'read' my enemy by the way she looks to estimate how she would/could react. OR, I could say, 'No. She's not even pretty', to ease up my feeling towards the situation. In that way, I'll gain my confident and stay calm longer. Trust me, I am not the one who could stand  affair, and not a perfect partner to be with IF you plan on cheating. I would do everything to express my feeling. For example, once I found out about the cheating, I rent a car and drive a long hours to his place, get in a fight - slap and mock them, then I left. Yes, I am a punk back to old days! I don't even know what is wrong and what is right at the time. 

But, it is just it! Alhamdulillah, I am more matured now and considerable. 

Self-reflected! How about you?