Thursday, November 22, 2012

A part of my holiday.

As-salam =)

It's not really a vacation if you don't have everyone you care about, right? A part of my holiday, mine were just another typical holiday. Nothing much, except for the spending time and the relax part. I am actually at KL, visiting the pregnant sister and attending a orthopedic's appointment, which is today. I really missed my braces, like a lot! I missed of being thin and lack of appetite. LOL! Propa sangat kan? But then, braces really do help me control the weight when I was in secondary school. 

The doctor checked the teeth and hand-over a retainer to me, for the lower part of my teeth. It was a bit hard to put it in and really fix it with my teeth. He pushed it real hard that he sort of 'pinch' the lips. Ouch! My retainer has to be on 24/7, so no special free retainer's case for me. I bought my own case later when I was at OU this evening, having lunch at Seoul Garden with the family. Pregnant young mom's treat! I like it ^ ^ It was fun spending the rest of your day at the mall where you rarely go. Happy but a bit tired. I even begged for water. Had to spend MYR 2 for the 600ml Dasani drinking water. It's like they packed a miracle water in there or something? Aiisshhh! I bought nothing much compared to the rest of them. Just a new beg and some few cheap stuffs. Woohoo! Best2!

Oke, let me treat you with the retainer. Sort of like this. Not my retainer. I am wearing this beauty-is-pain right now, while blogging this.

Mine minus the stripes. I got some clear sprinkle all over it. Just plain.
The “Traditional” Hawley retainer is made of rigid acrylic and wire. The acrylic rests on the roof of the mouth or under the tongue while the wire wraps around the teeth to hold them in proper alignment. Hawley retainers are best utilized in cases where teeth have been extracted and the space needs to be held closed, or when teeth are missing and the space must be kept open for future restorative work.

Retainer is used to fix the targeted teeth. In my case, my four bottom teeth are a mess. HAHA. So, since the family decided to go on braces and retainer, I just join the club. Even the mother and preggy young mother wear a retainer. Just a different one ^ ^ I had a difficult time adjusting my talk, how to hold the tongue. A bit uncomfortable. My lips chapped a bit. But, I'll get used to it soon enough.

Oke, below are types of retiner I've been using. Some, I did a simple research for readers extra information.

My previous retainer. 
The invisible retainers are made of a clear plastic material that has been heated and molded over your teeth on the molds taken after the braces have been removed. These can also be used for whitening trays. 

I have this on my upper teeth. A PERMANENT RETAINER. 
The bonded “permanent” retainer can be used on one or both arches. It is most generally bonded to the tongue side of the front teeth. This type of retainer is especially helpful in a case of severely crooked or crowded teeth, or to keep large gaps from opening back up. 

For those who are interested, you can get yours at the nearest and trusted dental care for only MYR 2000. WHAT-A-cost, right? 


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  1. the part yg ko ckp pakai braces lose weight sgt CORRECT! aku dah lama pakai braces dan dah biasa utk mkn apa saje kini telah mengalami gain weight yg teruk. seluar aku semua dah start ketat even dulu memng ketat. haha. perut aku dah buncit. stress. nak pakai braces kali ke dua. hahaha. gila.