Thursday, November 24, 2011

As cute as piglet?

As-salam =)

I personally don't find pig is cute, like seriously. Pig is just a pig, and not getting cuter even on the second view. Most of Muslim people don't say pigs are cute since pigs are forbidden to even touch ,nether less to eat. And it is sinful too! And, usually Muslim people don't feed the pigs - found by the road side or even at zoo. Not like other animals like cats, dogs, birds, etc, we feed them sometimes. I even feed stray dogs.

Same picture as in the facebook
As I was facebook-walking today, I had read this conversation of some teenagers, high school students in Labuan. You see, the friends had uploaded a picture of a piglet and tagged some of the friends. She was actually joking about saying the male friend is a piglet. But, he actually don't mind it at all! And he even says the piglet is cute and proud to be one. Sigh! Crazy huh? I was shock, really! And thought, "Oh, he may not a Muslim, even he has name like one!". So, I clicked his name and search for his religion. Subhanallah, he's a Muslim. Oh! 

Here are some interesting facts about pigs:
Interesting & Amazing Information on Pigs 
  • Pigs do not have functional sweat glands. They use water or mud for the purpose of staying cool in hot weather.
  • Pigs do not prefer to sit in mud. Infact, they prefer cleanliness much more than other animals. They use the mud only as a coolant in summers, that too out of necessity.
  • Mud also provides the pigs protection against flies and parasites, apart from being used as a form of sunscreen, which protects their skin from sunburn.
  • A female pig is called a sow, while the male is called boar. The baby of a pig is called piglet.
  • Pigs have such a well developed sense of smell that they can easily find things underground.
  • Many experts consider pigs to be more trainable than dogs or cats.
  • The largest pig till date was a Poland-China hog, named ‘Big Bill’. It weighed 2,552 lbs and had a height of 5 feet and a length of 9 feet. 
  • The scream of a frightened pig can measure 115 decibels, higher than the taking off noise of a jet engine (113 decibels).
  • Even though pigs have four toes on each hoof, they walk on only two of the toes. This makes them look as if they are tiptoeing.
  • The largest litter of piglets ever born included 37 piglets, out of which 36 were born alive and 33 survived.
  • A full grown pig can drink up to 14 gallons of water a day.   
This is the interesting facts as listed on the internet. But, seems like they missed TWO IMPORTANT POINTS here, which are:
  1. Pig, is an animal happened to be bisexual. 
  2. It eats on theirs or others poops.
Since it almost the end of the world, certain people will may have opinion about how cool to be bisexual. Am I right? I am not talking anything near the 'Sexual Merdeka' thing, or even a politic issue here! NO! Just, about pigs - sow, boar and piglet.

I am not MRS. KNOWEVERYTHINGS, so I might want to have do some more studies on pigs. I'll get the fact of why pigs are not so cute and dirty!

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Work a denial.

    As-salam =)

    I am currently at Sg. Besi now spending some of my semester break here with the family. Actually it was about time to update a blog since it got FREE WI-FI here! Wooohooo... but with limited excess of course! Sigh! What to be happy about, then? Well, actually I got some pretty good story to tell, most of it, with some pictures to go along with that! But, since this is not actually my laptop, I guess I just write about something without picture then. Just text.

    Okay. I am actually in a denial. About the figure part? Yes, and I mean, my figure! Guess what? It has only been a week from my eight weeks semester break, yet I had gained a size! A SIZE, OKAY? And, I can really feel the arms are dancing so fiercely as I swing them slow. SWING THEM SLOW, okay?? Sigh! Oh, I am so in a denial!

    By temporary live here, meaning more space for weight gain, since I got nothing else to do but eat, sleep, eat some more, and lay around play dead. What a life! Oh, and change of plan, we might heading to Johor Bahru in few days to fetch Cik Sarah, and then head back to Sg. Petani, to where I actually live. OR, we could stay at Johor for a little while and head back later. Seriously, I don't mind to rapidly travel. It is the weight I concern most! 

    How on earth will I slim down, heh? Gimme some tips, will you? I had this crazy idea  to start a diet on kimchi. Yes, the Korean traditional dish! And I actually made mine few months back. It tastes like raw blended ginger+red onion+garlic, but spicier, since it mixed with curry powder. I had tried adjust my 'tekak' to swallow and luckily, I swallowed. =) Not bad, really!

    Second thing on my mind is to start work out all over again. My tummy is not as tough as they used to be. You see, I had these three slices on the tummy and I am not proud of it! The tights are really bumped into one another, and so not cool. I look shorter, too! Ah, Another sigh!

    So, did the denial actually work? Haha. I think it is, since I imagine myself with the three slices of tummy and bumped tights are the most sexiest thing on me. Haha. (Errrkk?) So, don't worry much! I still slim, though! Eat, eat and keep eating. Chubby girl is the trend nowadays! =)

    Ye la tuh!

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    How to detect a girl child?

    As-salam =)

    'A girl child' - is not a girl with a child, or and out marriage girl, or a pregnant girl. It is a girl who got spoiled, pampered and high-fed. Okay, easier to say, 'manja' lar... Haha. Faham dah kan? Okay. I was browsing on the -e- for more news about girl issues, then I found this blog writing about 'a girl child'. And since I am on my revision break, then I'll re-write the story again. =)

    Exciting entry isn't it? So readers, read it carefully. Are you one of the girl child?

    Here are the criteria:

    Girl who doesn't talk or fight much
    • Girls, known as one soft creature whom are suppose to be gentle and look gentle at all points of view. This type of girl often to not fight back, even with girls. She usually be or very obedient to orders even if she disagree at some points. And, even if she fights back, she will always remember to use soft tone to the other opponents. 
    Girl with blanket/shawl

    • By shawl, I mean, a girl whom covered herself with shawl, not girl wears shawl. Girl wears shawl sometimes not a kind of a girl child. It is more like, trendy, daring and sometimes inpatient type of girls. But, it depends on how she rocks the look and the behaviors too, okay? The blanket or shawl often to be seen as a warm 'get away' from a trouble and uncomfortable for these girls. They just loved the way the material comforts them, as if they were being hugged by someone. That 'someone', you name it. It can be either from a friend, a special friend, family members, etc. But, the best way to spot a girl child is, when she bought it herself. Meaning, she really demands somebody to always be with her.
    Girl with teddy bear or soft toy
    • I do agree that, teddy bear or/and soft toy is a girl best friend. As for myself, I do have some teddy bears on my bed. =) It were from the special someone. He said, I could hug it whenever I miss him or having a hard time with my life. You see! Even a man has his thumbs up on this! Teddy bear and soft toy represent softness, loyal, well pampered and warm qualities. So, indirectly, girls will have this qualities too. 
    Girl hugging something while sleeping 
    • Have you ever notice how your female friend or female family members sleep? Well, a girl child just love to hug something whenever she asleep. It is a natural or spontaneous action to do whenever they are sleepy and going to sleep. Or, in a case of falling to sleep, like on a bus or in a car, where they don't have their 'sleeping buddy', note how she holds her together. It is a sign of a girl child. Gathered hands are a good alternative! Or, she could somehow accidentally hugs somebody (often to be somebody beside her) while she was asleep. =) Pretty easy to spot, right?
    Girl who loves lotion and perfume

    • It doesn't always have to be lotion plus perfume. Just some pretty and sweet-sensed products. Whether if it's a baby oil, it can be counts. The warmness and the sweet smell of the products can ease up the tenses inside her. You can see that this type of girl always be cool and calm, even on a toughest obstacles. The sense helps to calm! Really! It is actually related to th first criteria, 'Girl who doesn't talk or fight much'.

    And, fin! =)

    The criteria are not always to be exact, but the numbers of criteria that suit you help to know how spoiled you are. And trust me, boys and men will always know what kind of girl are you.

    Write down this useful remainder!

    - "They always prefer a girl child" - 

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Apa kata...

    Situasi 1:

    “Amboi, sexy giler anak si anu tu! Tak padan dengan orang ‘serambi Mekah’. Tengok tu, boleh pula pi peluk-peluk tengah orang ramai?”

    Okay. Situasi di atas satu situasi yang aku dah semakin lali sejak dua menjak ni. Dah naik berdesing telinga ni, hah! Kalau nanah boleh berkata-kata, nanah akan bagi respond macam ni, “Hai, tak ada ayat lain ke? Aku sampai boleh hafal lar.” Apa kata... si polan-si polan di luar sana tukar pandangan tentang situasi tersebut? Contoh yang terbaik ialah, tukar pandangan anda tu kepada yang ini.

    “Ya Allah. Kalau budak-budak asalan ‘serambi Mekah’ pun dah berani buat perkara macam ni, maknanya masalah sosial di kalangan remaja ni dah makin parak ni! Kena buat sesuatu cepat ni sebelum masalah lagi bertambah besar!”

    Haa...macam ni kan okay? Nampak la jugak daya usaha tu sikit! Walaupun hanya baru terdetik di hati, dah dapat pahala tau? Tu baru terdetik. Belum mula langkah dan guna otak tu untuk fikir tentang bagaimana untuk ubati penyakit sosial.

    Ini tidak! Mulut tu macam-macam nak komen, tapi tindakan apa pun tarak! Cuma tahu salahkan si polan tu, si polan ni... Jangan kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga! Aku marah. Jujur, memang aku marah! Bukan nak back-up sangat pun ‘serambi Mekah’, cuma pemikiran kita sebagai seorang yang berdarah Melayu dan beragama Islam, it should not be this way, at all! Sorry, I am not talking politics here! Not an issue.

    Situasi 2:

    A: Ramainya orang kat sini, Senah.
    B: Hmm... puak-puak depa jugak la tu yang mai makan, Kiah.

    Okay. Pertama sekali yang aku kurang faham ialah, what does it means by ‘puak-puak’? Parti politik kah? Negeri asal kah? Cara berpakaian kah? Or, jumlah harta benda terkumpul? Situasi 2 ni pun merupakan satu situasi lazim yang hampir setiap hari aku dengar dan lihat dan tumpang rasa sakit hati. Why should I sakit hati? Ada perkaitannya dengan aku kah? Tak ada kaitan apa-apa pun! Bukan aku ada share  kat situ. Cuma, jawapan si Senah ni macam ada yang tak kena. Macam tak menjawab soalan pun ada! Apa kata... si Senah tu jawab macam ni kat Si Kiah tu.

    “Uiiihh...memang ramai. Sampai malam pun duk lagu ni ja lah Kiah oi! Alhamdulillah, perniagaan depa ni makin hari makin maju.”

    Mudah kan? Selain melatih lidah mengucapkan kalimah-kalimah Allah S.W.T, kita juga secara tidak langsung membantu si tuan punya tempat mengembangkan perniagaannya. Mudah-mudahan Allah buka pintu hatinya untuk terus berzakat, bersedekah bantu saudara-saudara yang lain. Ayat yang sungguh mudah! Dapat pahala free aje.

    Tapi kan, seriously lar... aku masih tak faham dengan apa yang dimaksudkan dengan ‘puak-puak’ tu. Apa bezanya aku dan dia? Secara amnya, kami juga Islam dan berbangsa Melayu. Sama sahaja! So? Apa yang perlu diperbesar-besarkan kat sini? Hanya sebab mereka tu bertudung litup labuh menutup dada, berjubah dan berpurdah? Itu ke yang dikatakan ‘puak’? Kau dengan puak kau, aku dengan puak aku? Mazhab mana la pulak ni?


    Topik ni memang panas. Entah-entah boleh berderet-deret komen dari anonymous kat bawah ni hah! Ya, memang isu yang aku tulis ni satu isu yang panas... dan aku sendiri tengah panas sekarang ni! Jujur, aku memang jahil bab agama. Mengaji pun masih merangkak. Tapi, please la... hormat sesama kita. Bagi pendapat dan penyataan yang boleh membina dan membantu. Bukannya ulasan panjang lebar yang tak bawa ke mana-mana. Masuk telinga kanan, keluar pun dengan telinga kanan jugak. Meaning, it always been the same old things and still, nobody do something to fix it, even it has been years.

    Please, do something about it.

    This is something about how and what I felt throughout these years. I am tired of living like it. I am too afraid that somehow I might lose control over it. But still, somebody has to stand tall and talk this through, right?

    Pray for me. For the strength.

    Over 50 million people in Asia are getting the latest updates from #ChurpChurp! Don't miss out on the fun here!

    Over 50 million people in Asia are getting the latest updates from #ChurpChurp! Don't miss out on the fun here!

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    6 additional things inside my handbag

    As-salam =)

    I currently spending my last three days of freedom at Kuala Lumpur, to be exact, Sg. Besi. Okay, it was not my first time being here, but was my first since the last few years. Other than handphones and sometimes camera, I always carry some beauty products inside my handbag whenever I am going out in public. It is normal for a girl to have it carried with them. I prefer:
    1. Compact and loose powder
    2. A small bag of lip treatment - lip gloss and lip balm 
    3. A breath spray (I put it inside the small bag)
    4. Note book and a pen
    5. Perfume
    But, if I live in KL, I would add 6 other things inside it - other than my beauty products, which are:
    1. A bottle of mineral water
    2. Tissues / oil bolting strips 
    3. Touch N Go card
    4. Travel 'telekung'
    5. Emergency top-up card/money
    6. Novel 
    Okay. I've been on the LRT last two days as I reached here, taking one to Sg. Besi from Pudu. It was one uncomfortable experience to have to be squished inside it, along with two trolley bags, two backpacks and some handbags. I was sweating, man! Really hard! So, this is when I realize that KL people really must have item number 1 and 2! Seriously, okay? Item number 1, it is important to have yourself hydrated from time to time, for good and healthier skin.

    Item number 4, travel 'telekung'. As a muslim, no matter how sexy you are, prayer is what a Muslim must do, 'wajib'! It is convenient to always carry item number 4, so you can perform your solah without worrying about finding yourself a clean 'telekung'.

    For item number 3, since your are going to take the LRT, Touch N Go's card is what you must always have and to take along. I suggest, hang it on the neck OR keep it in a place where you can easily reach it for the your convenient. Really! If you are KL people and still don't have one, please, go get one! And, remember to always check the balance and refill your card from time to time. 

    Same goes to item number 5 here. Always think of the unexpected, like emergency where you're missing the cab or exit to a different area as you walk out of the LRT, being robbed, or etc. Keep handphone near to you. Oh, and by handphone, I mean, an active handphone, filled with credits. And always have an extra top-up card attached or kept inside the purse. Keep the money separately! Have RM10 and RM50 or other amount anywhere on you - not only inside the bag. Since I am not a KL people, sometimes I go out with no cash on me, really! It was a bad habit, though! But, if you live in KL, please spare some money on you - even on a primary school child. It is best if the parents could supply the kids with handphone too. Actually I am not quite agree for the kids to have phone, but since I am talking safety here, I see a handphone as one of the must have item.

    Okay, the last item, item number 6. Novel is kind of a friend whenever you stuck inside a busy and long journey on a LRT. Reading is one good habit to begin with.

    Alert, it is not listed as one priority. Just a simple list of must have items. You can always add or remove some items I listed above. This is what I thought I would bring on my busy days as busy as a day in KL. So, modified it to fits you best!

    Good luck =)

    Please stop.


    Honestly, I am humiliated, sometimes about how people make jokes of it! It is hard to take a little not too personally about it. It's hard to believe to hear it from that someone! I am heart-ache! It is hypocrite! I understand it as a big lie! 

    I really wish that it wasn't coming from you. :'(

    It is sad and frustrating at the same time. Don't you remember the last time we fought? I am getting better each day I live now that I pray not to make the same mistakes again. Believe me, I do! I wish for you to like him. 


    I just don't know what to say. I am just too emotional to get through with. I may get mad easily when it comes to this. I still don't know how to have a talk with you. So, until I do, please. I really really really hope that you could just stop irritating and hurting me! 

    I am begging you, hard. I might not be able to hang on a little longer. I am afraid that I might burst. 

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    How Confidence has changed my life?

    As-salam =)

    It was about 9 p.m. I was on my laptop browsing through the Google search about how to properly wash the face when I saw the entry on my dashboard. Okay, I glanced through, skimming and scanning the entry. I stopped at the end of entry. And I was like, “What? Give away perfume? Intense by Fergie?? It is so mine!”. I thought I could give it a try. =)

    Okay. My conflicts about the confidence thing were starting at the age of early 13. I was fat back then. Really! I hate everything about myself. I always talk bad about how I look. I criticise myself like every day. I thought that if I am thin and slim, I may look more beautiful and people may accept and be friends with me. So, I planned my diet and my exercises. I work out like every day. I did skip rope, push-up, and sit-up and repeat the whole process for two hours straight. I don’t care if I am dizzy or tired. My aim is to be thin for people to love me. Okay. To cut short, I did lost weights. 14 kilograms in a fortnight! It all happens on the school holidays.

    My friends are all shocked about how pretty I look. Pretty ker? At the time, I was so pleased due to my drastic changes. I gain friends. Yes, tons of them! But then, I realise, have lot of friends are not always a good thing. The thing is, you can’t really know who is one true friend, right? And being among them doesn’t make me feel much happier. I worried more. I always have this silly thought, “Who’s prettier?”. So, I did not really gain my confidences by going slim, yet I feel like a total lost. I can’t even find myself; my identity. As result, I isolated myself. Like years. I am friends with only small numbers of people, who am I thought are not better looking than me. Actually, it was just an excuse though, since I still cannot win the battle inside of me. I realise now that I am not a true friend! =(

    It’s getting worse since I finish high school. I have this habit of being friends with only boys. Yes, you heard it right, friends with only boys! I thought by being mixing around with only boys could make them see that I am one perfect girl – girl of their dreams and desire. Again, I was making them as an excuse. Reality, I still not gain my confidence, even it has been years since I got slim. I don’t feel comfortable being around girls. I don’t do fashion and make-up, or even hair. I am suck at it! I just hate my face. And since I did the crash diet, my hairs are all falling and thinning. How in the world I could gain the confidence? Girls are all pretty and fashionable! They have charisma! But, not me! =(

    Shasha and I =)

    Years go by. It is 2011. And I am a proud 21 years old teenager with full of charisma and high confidence level. I begin to realise about how I wasted my teenage years by doing nothing about my confidence. It happened on the day my collage friends and I were sitting, talking about our high school life. They have such a great memory of their school time, but not me! I envy them for that. And that is when I stood up tells myself that it is time to make changes! And I did.

    Believe it or not, I am now one of the top 5 students in my class. I improved myself by practise speech on mirror every time I have presentations to do. Well, do you guys have ever play ‘The Sims’. It doesn’t matter what serial, but the game had thought me a big lesson about gaining confidence. Notice that the sim (the avatar) always get promoted whenever they gained one point of practise speech? You see, game is not always a bad thing. =)

    As in my previous years, I always avoid when it comes to sport. I just hate them! But, actually I am afraid that people might know how fat I am – butt going up and down (I was suffered from anorexia and bulimia). I get anxious when people complaint about my appearance. But not now! =) I am actually a physical education student. Jogging and physical activities are kind of my thing now. I do canoeing, netball, handball, football, hockey, badminton and even gymnastics. I really enjoy myself. I believe, if we were really enjoying whatever we are doing, it is a good sign about how much we love oneself and as indicator of the confident level; good and gaining.  

    I am much happier now, really. My life had totally changes. I am friends and mix around with girls these days. The best part is, I am totally comfortable being with them, not comparing myself again.

    Beauty is subjective. I can’t force people to say that I am pretty and totally stunning! I may look beautiful and gorgeous on one people eyes, but the others may have different thought about how I may appear. It doesn’t matter. As long as I have the confidence, I may live my life to the fullest.
    It is one true story of mine. I understand if admin do not find it as one interesting story, but this is how I gain my confidences. And I am still doing it. I am improving myself, one step at a time.

    But, somehow I hope my story may inspire others in finding their own confidence.

    Thank you for reading. =)

    7 orang anak, Umi sejuk perut.

    As-salam =)

    Siapa tak mahu anak yang soleh dan solehah?

    Dalam Al-Quran telah ditulis bahawa, anak adalah punca/sumber rezeki. Aku yakin dengan janji Allah S.W.T. Setiap kelahiran adalah disertai dengan rezeki yang berlipat ganda, cuma rezeki tersebut dalam bentuk apa, wallahu ‘alam. Hanya Allah Maha Mengetahui. Maaf, aku bukan Ustazah. Jauh sekali. Aku masih merangkak-rangkak mendalami ilmu Agama. Aku tak mampu menyatakan ayat tersebut ayat dari surah atau juzuk berapa dan ayat yang ke berapa. Cuma, sebagai hamba-Nya yang lemah dan khilaf, maka yakinlah dengan janji Allah.

    Aku ingin kongsi satu kisah yang berkaitan dengan ‘anak sumber rezeki’. Kisah realiti yang sungguh mengharukan. Aku beri judul, ‘7 orang anak, Umi sejuk perut’.

    30 Oktober 2011 (Ahad) yang lepas, sebuah sekolah rendah di utara Malaysia telah mengadakan Hari Kantin. Aktiviti yang dijalankan adalah seperti pada kebiasaannya, seperti gerai jualan makanan dan minuman, pakaian terpakai, perhiasan dan peralatan rumah, persembahan, permainan kecil dan sebagainya. Rasanya tak perlu aku nyatakan nama sekolah. Mama, telah menyumbangkan sejumlah kecil pakaian terpakai seperti blaus, seluar, tudung dan beg tangan kepada gerai ‘Pakaian Muslimah’ yang dikendalikan oleh Cikgu Norida.
    Oleh kerana tak bertugas di mana-mana gerai, mama berjalan ke sana ke mari mencari kerja. Sekejap di gerai ini, sekejap di kedai itu, menolong mana-mana yang patut. Tetapi, mama tidaklah pula menolong Cikgu Norida kerana kakitangannya telah cukup. Mama lebih bertindak sebagai pembantu am, apa-apa pun boleh, termasuklah naik turun kereta membantu cikgu-cikgu lain mengambil barang-barang jualan dari kedai.

    Berakhir sahaja sesi jualan, mama naik ke Bilik Guru. Niatnya nak berkemas-kemas bersedia untuk balik, tapi di satu sudut mama terpandang akan Cikgu Norida sibuk mengira tiket jualan. Mama menyapa, bertanyakan perihal hasil jualan,

    “Macam mana meniaga, Norida? Okay?”, sapa mama.

    “Alhamdulillah, semua okay. Tapi minta maaf lah Kak Seri. Barang-barang Kak Seri tu tak untung mana. Tak sampai hati saya nak jual mahal-mahal”, balas Cikgu Norida.

    “Tak apalah. I tak kisah pun pasal duit untung tu. Saja nak tahu berapa budak-budak sanggup bagi.”

    “Hmm.. beg kuning Kak Seri tu. Tadi saya duk tengok si anak Ustaz Halim tu duk mai dua tiga kali. Duk belek-belek. Saya tanya dia, awak berkenan ke, dia diam je. Pastu duk mai balik. Belek lagi. Dia tanya harga, saya cakap RM5.00. Dia cakap tak cukup duit. Saya habaq, bagi aje la berapa pun yang awak ada. Seikhlas hati. Cikgu jual kat awak beg ni. Saya tengok dia duk pakat-pakat dengan adik-beradik dia, kumpul duit. Dia bagi saya kupon RM3.00. Saya jual ja la. Pastu, depa pi kat Umi depa bagi beg tu.”

    Bila aku dengar cerita ni, aku sangat tersentuh. Rasa sejuk perut, seolah-olah aku pula yang mengandungkan mereka. Dari apa yang mama cerita, Ustaz Halim menjawat jawatan sebagai seorang Pegawai Tentera, berjawatan Mejar, manakala isterinya seorang suri rumah sepenuh masa dan dikurniakan 7 orang cahaya mata, setahun seorang. Doktor menasihatkan isterinya untuk terus ikat peranakan kerana boleh mengundang kepada masalah kesihatan akibat terlalu kerap mengandung.

    Bersalin, adalah satu perkara yang paling menyakitkan selepas mati. Apabila seseorang wanita itu bersalin, akan terputus satu uratnya. Maka Allah S.W.T akan menghapuskan segala dosa-dosanya dan mengangkat darjatnya. Jika wanita itu mati, adalah syahid kecil baginya. Allahuakbar! Besarnya ganjaran Allah.

    Pendapat peribadi aku, jika aku dikurniakan anak sebaik mereka, aku tak hirau jika aku tak punya harta dunia setinggi gunung sekali pun kerana aku sudah pun punya harta akhirat yang kekal, anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah.

    Mama mulakan bicara, “Zaman sekarang ni susah kalau anak ramai. Memang lah laki dia pangkat pegawai, tapi dengan gaji tu nak sara bini dan tujuh orang anak lagi, tak cukup! Belum kira dengan bagi duit kat mak ayah kat kampung lagi, sakit demam lagi, kecemasan apa-apa”.

    Tambah mama lagi, “Hangpa yang baru lima beradik yang dah besaq-besaq ni pun aku selalu bersungut duit macam ayaq. Hang nanti dah kahwin, rancanglah keluarga. Susah kalau anak ramai ni.”

    Aku percaya setiap anak punya rezeki masing-masing. Sedikit atau banyak, itu bukan soalnya. Itu urusan Allah S.W.T. Aku sendiri punya rancangan bagaimana untuk uruskan keluarga aku nanti. Walaupun baru menginjak ke usia 20-an, aku sudah pun fikirkan benda-benda remeh seperti ni. Apa yang aku rancangkan, tak perlulah aku coretkan kat sini. InsyaAllah, kalau diizinkan hidup sehingga Hari Qiamat, akan terlaksana juga rancangan aku itu.


    Wallahu ‘alam.