Saturday, November 5, 2011

6 additional things inside my handbag

As-salam =)

I currently spending my last three days of freedom at Kuala Lumpur, to be exact, Sg. Besi. Okay, it was not my first time being here, but was my first since the last few years. Other than handphones and sometimes camera, I always carry some beauty products inside my handbag whenever I am going out in public. It is normal for a girl to have it carried with them. I prefer:
  1. Compact and loose powder
  2. A small bag of lip treatment - lip gloss and lip balm 
  3. A breath spray (I put it inside the small bag)
  4. Note book and a pen
  5. Perfume
But, if I live in KL, I would add 6 other things inside it - other than my beauty products, which are:
  1. A bottle of mineral water
  2. Tissues / oil bolting strips 
  3. Touch N Go card
  4. Travel 'telekung'
  5. Emergency top-up card/money
  6. Novel 
Okay. I've been on the LRT last two days as I reached here, taking one to Sg. Besi from Pudu. It was one uncomfortable experience to have to be squished inside it, along with two trolley bags, two backpacks and some handbags. I was sweating, man! Really hard! So, this is when I realize that KL people really must have item number 1 and 2! Seriously, okay? Item number 1, it is important to have yourself hydrated from time to time, for good and healthier skin.

Item number 4, travel 'telekung'. As a muslim, no matter how sexy you are, prayer is what a Muslim must do, 'wajib'! It is convenient to always carry item number 4, so you can perform your solah without worrying about finding yourself a clean 'telekung'.

For item number 3, since your are going to take the LRT, Touch N Go's card is what you must always have and to take along. I suggest, hang it on the neck OR keep it in a place where you can easily reach it for the your convenient. Really! If you are KL people and still don't have one, please, go get one! And, remember to always check the balance and refill your card from time to time. 

Same goes to item number 5 here. Always think of the unexpected, like emergency where you're missing the cab or exit to a different area as you walk out of the LRT, being robbed, or etc. Keep handphone near to you. Oh, and by handphone, I mean, an active handphone, filled with credits. And always have an extra top-up card attached or kept inside the purse. Keep the money separately! Have RM10 and RM50 or other amount anywhere on you - not only inside the bag. Since I am not a KL people, sometimes I go out with no cash on me, really! It was a bad habit, though! But, if you live in KL, please spare some money on you - even on a primary school child. It is best if the parents could supply the kids with handphone too. Actually I am not quite agree for the kids to have phone, but since I am talking safety here, I see a handphone as one of the must have item.

Okay, the last item, item number 6. Novel is kind of a friend whenever you stuck inside a busy and long journey on a LRT. Reading is one good habit to begin with.

Alert, it is not listed as one priority. Just a simple list of must have items. You can always add or remove some items I listed above. This is what I thought I would bring on my busy days as busy as a day in KL. So, modified it to fits you best!

Good luck =)

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