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How to detect a girl child?

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'A girl child' - is not a girl with a child, or and out marriage girl, or a pregnant girl. It is a girl who got spoiled, pampered and high-fed. Okay, easier to say, 'manja' lar... Haha. Faham dah kan? Okay. I was browsing on the -e- for more news about girl issues, then I found this blog writing about 'a girl child'. And since I am on my revision break, then I'll re-write the story again. =)

Exciting entry isn't it? So readers, read it carefully. Are you one of the girl child?

Here are the criteria:

Girl who doesn't talk or fight much
  • Girls, known as one soft creature whom are suppose to be gentle and look gentle at all points of view. This type of girl often to not fight back, even with girls. She usually be or very obedient to orders even if she disagree at some points. And, even if she fights back, she will always remember to use soft tone to the other opponents. 
Girl with blanket/shawl

  • By shawl, I mean, a girl whom covered herself with shawl, not girl wears shawl. Girl wears shawl sometimes not a kind of a girl child. It is more like, trendy, daring and sometimes inpatient type of girls. But, it depends on how she rocks the look and the behaviors too, okay? The blanket or shawl often to be seen as a warm 'get away' from a trouble and uncomfortable for these girls. They just loved the way the material comforts them, as if they were being hugged by someone. That 'someone', you name it. It can be either from a friend, a special friend, family members, etc. But, the best way to spot a girl child is, when she bought it herself. Meaning, she really demands somebody to always be with her.
Girl with teddy bear or soft toy
  • I do agree that, teddy bear or/and soft toy is a girl best friend. As for myself, I do have some teddy bears on my bed. =) It were from the special someone. He said, I could hug it whenever I miss him or having a hard time with my life. You see! Even a man has his thumbs up on this! Teddy bear and soft toy represent softness, loyal, well pampered and warm qualities. So, indirectly, girls will have this qualities too. 
Girl hugging something while sleeping 
  • Have you ever notice how your female friend or female family members sleep? Well, a girl child just love to hug something whenever she asleep. It is a natural or spontaneous action to do whenever they are sleepy and going to sleep. Or, in a case of falling to sleep, like on a bus or in a car, where they don't have their 'sleeping buddy', note how she holds her together. It is a sign of a girl child. Gathered hands are a good alternative! Or, she could somehow accidentally hugs somebody (often to be somebody beside her) while she was asleep. =) Pretty easy to spot, right?
Girl who loves lotion and perfume

  • It doesn't always have to be lotion plus perfume. Just some pretty and sweet-sensed products. Whether if it's a baby oil, it can be counts. The warmness and the sweet smell of the products can ease up the tenses inside her. You can see that this type of girl always be cool and calm, even on a toughest obstacles. The sense helps to calm! Really! It is actually related to th first criteria, 'Girl who doesn't talk or fight much'.

And, fin! =)

The criteria are not always to be exact, but the numbers of criteria that suit you help to know how spoiled you are. And trust me, boys and men will always know what kind of girl are you.

Write down this useful remainder!

- "They always prefer a girl child" - 

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