Monday, November 21, 2011

Work a denial.

As-salam =)

I am currently at Sg. Besi now spending some of my semester break here with the family. Actually it was about time to update a blog since it got FREE WI-FI here! Wooohooo... but with limited excess of course! Sigh! What to be happy about, then? Well, actually I got some pretty good story to tell, most of it, with some pictures to go along with that! But, since this is not actually my laptop, I guess I just write about something without picture then. Just text.

Okay. I am actually in a denial. About the figure part? Yes, and I mean, my figure! Guess what? It has only been a week from my eight weeks semester break, yet I had gained a size! A SIZE, OKAY? And, I can really feel the arms are dancing so fiercely as I swing them slow. SWING THEM SLOW, okay?? Sigh! Oh, I am so in a denial!

By temporary live here, meaning more space for weight gain, since I got nothing else to do but eat, sleep, eat some more, and lay around play dead. What a life! Oh, and change of plan, we might heading to Johor Bahru in few days to fetch Cik Sarah, and then head back to Sg. Petani, to where I actually live. OR, we could stay at Johor for a little while and head back later. Seriously, I don't mind to rapidly travel. It is the weight I concern most! 

How on earth will I slim down, heh? Gimme some tips, will you? I had this crazy idea  to start a diet on kimchi. Yes, the Korean traditional dish! And I actually made mine few months back. It tastes like raw blended ginger+red onion+garlic, but spicier, since it mixed with curry powder. I had tried adjust my 'tekak' to swallow and luckily, I swallowed. =) Not bad, really!

Second thing on my mind is to start work out all over again. My tummy is not as tough as they used to be. You see, I had these three slices on the tummy and I am not proud of it! The tights are really bumped into one another, and so not cool. I look shorter, too! Ah, Another sigh!

So, did the denial actually work? Haha. I think it is, since I imagine myself with the three slices of tummy and bumped tights are the most sexiest thing on me. Haha. (Errrkk?) So, don't worry much! I still slim, though! Eat, eat and keep eating. Chubby girl is the trend nowadays! =)

Ye la tuh!

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