Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Superb great Ahjupoo.

As-salam =)

It has been a while, more than a week since the home cat killed by one 'hit and run' driver. We managed to do well in life, when I suddenly saw this one stray hostel cat at the fire drill near the toilet. He was one black-brownish cat. So thin that I could feel the back bone. I took him in with me, sleep inside my room. He was good and well-trained that I believed was lost more than few months. So, I decided to call mother to ask to bring this cute cat home. I send the MMS. She was quite okay with it actually since it is a Persian Cat. And, I think she's a bit excited about it too. 

When I found him...

He starts to feel good and getting annoying

One habit of him, sleeps on something.

On my way to send him home

My sister, she asked me to not upload or snap picture of the cat. She kind of 'almost believe' this one sort of superstitious believe that, "If you take picture of animals (on this case, cat), it will soon die". Well, she not really believes it, like hardly believe. It's just, she's too afraid of loosing another family members.

Am deciding to heading back home this weekend. So, hello hello Ahjupoo! 

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