Monday, February 6, 2012

When things are just hard enough, you insisted to put rock on me.


Things are just getting worse these days. We were falling apart, doing own things and not considering loyalty and spirit. It's just, I am glad that you can finally feel and see everything I've been through. 

"When things are just hard enough, you insisted to put rock on me" 
(Yaya Qiestina, 2012)

I am more matured now, thanks to you. But sorry, by matured, it doesn't mean to easily forgive and forget of what you did to me when everything turns it back on me. You just make my day hard enough to live, with the fake smile and acts. Damn, hate it! Now, that things has finally reveal the true you, I am glad. So that you can learn to give-and-take and to consider - not taking control of everything as if you are just best enough! I don't know how many times I might need, but I am still hurt.

I knew all about the 'talking bad' behind my back, believe me. It is so obvious that you are that somebody who could talk bad about others. Now, its your turn to experienced it. So, good luck, then! I considered myself as one good friend since I can actually wish you best luck :P

I don't give a damn about what might be happening. The thing is, I don't really care. Serve you well. Remember the quota,

"What goes around, comes around" - 

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  1. eit yaya. why lor? all your post mcm pointing to someone. well, if that is me, i should say apology right? i'm REAALLLY sorry. real sorry. but if its not, then u hv my shoulder. u can share.

  2. hohoho pelik2 je kau la nak terasa. hohoho maharajalawakmega ke?