Saturday, February 11, 2012

Double the laughter.


In my previous entry, I wrote about one typical thing about friends. Now that the entry had became one big reality, we just have to work this out. Do as planned. And, that's it. But, simple thing may something be more burdensome than one more complicated. The thing is, now that you know how they were - fake act and fake smile, do nothing about it. Smile. Their laugh can only be heard now, not then. While, we can laugh now and laugh even harder when they finally realize how stupid they were. 

Double the laughter.

Friends, judge them by counting who sit near you when things are falling apart, and who sit the longest. Most people have amount of friends only when they reach the top, not when they met the bottom. So, now that you know the truth, stick it to your mind, to never trust anybody except you.

Honest opinion, been there.

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