Sunday, February 5, 2012

I knew how it feels - Sayonara

One fine evening turns to a tragedy when this silver/grey Harrier knocked down my home cat, Gege. The car don't even hesitate to slow down or stop. Surely, he/she knows about the knocking thing since the Chinese neighbors also aware about it, even they are at the end of the corner (few houses away from mine).

FUCK YOU, Harrier!!!!!!

I am still shocked about what had happened. The cat ran out of the house to play at the porch, when the younger sister ran towards her. She is one playful cat that she responses by running towards the open road, and then, bbbbaaannngggg!!!!! She's all gone! Once again, the fucking Harrier don't even hesitate to stop!!!

I was all panicking when I saw the cat had been knocked down. No injuries! We thought that she's been hit on the legs, but the legs seem fine. I kindly look at the cat, and said, "She could not make it!", yet still ran inside to get my hijab to take her to the pet clinic. Too late, she's already gone!

Actually, I am quite relieve that she's gone. If not, she could have suffered broken ribs - maybe she could not even stand up. Its the fucking Harrier I am so pissed about!

Its all happened so fast that I could not take it all in one shot. I needed times. I am the one who took care of this pity cat when she was sick. I cleaned the ears, doing the bath, feed her medicines, all that. Pity to see her died right in front of me :(

Now I know how the sister felt when she lost her cat (also my cat. Its just, she cares about the cat a lot, like I did to this dead cat!). Its hard to believe.

Bury her beside the old cat named, Berok

Marked by one broken roof piece

Where she rest in peace

This is a continued writing (7/2/2012). I still can't get her off the mind. Now, whenever I look at cats, I start to think of her. Don't know I could miss her this much; although she's one annoying cat - yet cute! :( Mom keep on reminding me to not bring my hostel's cat home. And I said, "Don't worry lar! I am done with this cat thing for a while". 

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