Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the end, it's really up to me.

As-salam =)

Second entry for today. Ideas suddenly pooped up off the head, pushed my fingers to dance at the keyboard. It's always something when it comes to people around us. Sometimes, it's just hard enough to describe what and how are they thinking. And, most of times, we end up misunderstood them. Am I right? So, as for me, I had learnt a big lesson today. I learnt that,

"People may seems just nice enough - most of time right in front you. But, deep inside them, you might not gonna realize 'the strategy' they are playing to beat you up. The moment you knew, it would be too late to cry. But, here's the good part! You can always learn from it".

This one is priceless, and it's mine! =)

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Am I hurting anyone??

 Most of friends prefers to talk to others before making a move. But, this strategy end up making them miles back behind others; it slows them down. People have this fear of  'to hurt' - fear of hurting others. Actually, too afraid that they might coincidentally hurt others. Nonsense! You can always apologize, right? So, what's up with that kind of thought?

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We made decision, whether to go left or right.

I've been in the incident, where I could consult with this one friend of mine - used to be so close. But, it ends up with all this incident of stabbing at the back, sour faces and do not talk to one another. And now, I realize, that I could always consult with anyone I wanted, but the decision is always on me. He/She not suppose to decide on what and how I should do. They can just share the thought. The rest is on me.

But, by doing this, I can clearly see the falseness of screwed friendship. I've seen it before, just I keep forgetting about how hurt it is to be stabbed. I purposely forgetting it so that I could easily forgive and forget. But, since 'things' are just like what it used to be, then I'll say, "Gotcha, faker!".

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Gosh, you are fake!!

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