Thursday, February 9, 2012

We all got one secret life.

As-salam =)

People may seems so fine on the outside, yet could be really different as you get to know them well. Or, in certain cases, you don't need to know them real well. The color will somehow glitz. As for somebody in early sweet 20th, 'secret life' is not so secret anymore, compared to one during the teen phase. Correct me if I am wrong, okay? I speak more to myself that I believe most people experienced almost the same things as I did. For me, life is not so secret. It's more to sacred. OK. Just today, I am not pointing about 'how sacred life can be', OR, anything about sacred.

A young adult like myself thought that, secret life in no secret to most of family members. Just, to some friends we might find not so compatible to be with - most of time. I categorize my friends to some stages, most of them. It's not my real intention to hide what am I doing, OR what exactly am I doing. It's just, 

--something are better left unsaid--

It's better that way, to keep the warmness of the relationship between friends that as far as I know, friends tend to talk back once in a while. So, as an early prevention, I choose ti just shut.

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