Monday, June 11, 2012

To be brave, and not dependable.


Life had  been tougher. Yes! As we grew old, challenges grew with us. And we have to stand still and strong to beat it - hard. For a growing lady as me, I can barely stand on my feet to face this. It was a mistake to tender me to bone these passed four years growing up. I became less-dependable towards my own living. This is how I find my food - 

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"Hubby, I am hungry. Let's go eat. 8.00 pm sharp, okay?"

Sort of like an order. Hey, you can't really mess with hungry stomach. You could have been killed, okay? Haha. But, since I am moving out of the hostel and have my own car, I have to survive on my own. Of course it still will be teaxting going on. Just, the content will looks like this -
"Going to find something to eat. Out with housemates".

3 minutes later.

"At Dayana's now. Have you eat yet?"

15 minutes later.

"Where are you?"


He's technically my Twitter and Facebook. I update to him. He gets the text, he knows and everything will be fine then. He has no problem with me going out and drive, I just have to take care of myself - all the basic safely thing. It's just me - I am like that. I like to update my status and location to him. And, sometimes he was like, HAHA. He never ignores me like so. 

So, good for me. ITS - I Think So.

Three days left before Friday, so stay cool and brave. Girl Power, all right? Maybe, this is when the five of us will be so close together like before ^ ^ Hope.

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