Monday, June 4, 2012

She talks bad, then she talks back.


I was one slow evening. I was acting lazy, enjoying the rest of my holiday at home. I was blog walking just now, reading entry from my dear sister, Syarah. She wrote about her high school friend, about how she misses them so much and the close friend. Things tend to change as we grew up. I noticed. I mean, friends are going separate ways. Even I did. I rarely contact my friends. But in my case, most of the friends are boys. So, it's just not nice for me to still hanging out like so anymore. For girl friends, sometimes I labelled myself as one failed friend. I don't ever hang out with them, or text. Sigh! I, for some reason am mad at myself regarding this. 

Sometimes, it is getting lonely. Yes! I rarely did the 'girl hang out' anymore. It is not like the hubby doesn't allow me to do so. Trust me, he's the sporting one. It is just me. I get jealous whenever I see girl friends hang out - and things are so okay between them. But, most of scene I've seen was sort of a fake friendship. I mean, they still hang out together, but yet can really stab each other on the back. She talks bad, then she talks back. Then, act like BFF. Damn! What is it?? That is one of kind of friendship I hate the most. 

But, it is rather that fake friendship, or being along. I rather be alone. It is not like I have no friend at all. My friends are like the fingers. You can count them and you don't forget. 

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Oh, and my friends are like this. Only one hand involved. 

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