Thursday, June 7, 2012

Butterflies had their own football fever.


I am actually counting days towards next coming Friday. So, technically, seven days to go. Not so excited about this whole 'rumah sewa' thing. I am more anxious about our stay there. It is a new thing and a new environment to all of us, and a new routine. So, we might need times to really get used to this whole new things, especially the organizing part. 

Mom already warn me about decorating my room with tons of stuffs. She said, "You will soon be out to school. No time to take care of the house. So make it simple, will you?" - in my own words.

Practicum, is the next thing to worry about. Two months at school never been easy, especially for newbie like us. So much to learn, so little time. And meanwhile, I have a diet program to complete. Like, ye la sangat! Diet konon!
Pray hard for everything. My butterflies in stomach had gone crazy now. Maybe they play football inside there. So much for one crazy fever!
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In version of 'not so crazy' butterfly


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