Sunday, December 11, 2011

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As-salam =)

Do you still remember how tough your teenage life is? I know I do. Sometimes, I have this guilty and some regrets towards what had happened. But, your pass life is what made you into what you are today. So, have some faiths in it. =)

It was a shock to know some of teenagers I knew are really having trouble finding themselves, even they seem fine to me, really! No rebellion, no nothing! And most of it, is about this something called L O V E ! Hmm.. LOVE may drove people to do crazy things, not just teenagers!

Cut wrist is one common solution teenager would do in order to 'solve' the problem. Ironic, isn't it? But, it's true! Cut wrist doesn't meaning cut the wrist off. No. Just cut for the bleed. Creating scars that some teenagers find it cool. Cool? I try to put myself in my teenage life again. And yes, cut wrist is cool... really! For stupid teenagers, yes! Level of stupidity? Unknown!

Bad in fluent! 

But, to be honest, some teenagers find to be called as, 'stupid', 'bitch', 'hoe', 'hooker' and other names as a compliment. They love to be known as bad, or in this case, bad girl, so they would look cool and so up-to-date. My question is, up-to-date to what? Is cutting a trend now? No! So last season, dude! Even the grandma did it in her teenage life!

Family must really play their role in this kind of teenage's life. I don't decide how. Just, no babbling and no yelling, or even grounded. Please, grounded is not the way! Talk to them. Find a way to be their best friend. =)

I have one teenage sister whom I thought starting to struggle with the life. I am sorry for not being there for you. I made a mistake by not asking how your life been and how are everything. I am off to collage and rarely at home - once a month. I always thought of being a great sister is by not to stuck my nose into my sisters life. But, it's so not true! I must stuck inside yours to know how's everything going on, by being your friend first. I wish you could accept me as you friend. 

So, first thing first. Here is a simple guide line about how to deal with a teenage daughter/sister. Works for me. Hope this will help you out.

1. Get known everybody in her life (the best if to meet them!)
2. Clarify the body movements - how she reacts when meeting or talks to the friends. Detect whose got her special treatment.
3. Dig about this male person secretly but not obviously.
4. Never use arguable tone when talks about him - she could thinks you hate him. And if you do, explain softly to her about why you dislike the guy.
5. Always make things clear - explain about what do you like and dislike about the relationship and your hope.

I was a wild child back then. I was rebellious, really! So, the list I made was a simple suggestion guide of what I hope the parents would do. BE HONEST is the key to everything. =) 

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