Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everybody keeps writing about New Year

As-salam =)

It is officially 2012 now. And, seems like bloggers take this for granted to write about typical 'New Year resolutions', 'new hope', 'aims' and 'ambitions', like yawn! Are you really going to strive for that? Only about 20% people strove hard for it. Another 80% left without saying (not even realizing it at all - including me). Haha. What about that? I must say, the 80% are just being normal, for being easy to live a life; live life with no pressure. 

I didn't really thought about resolutions. I have none to be specific. I just hope for the best, always. I pray to My God, Allah S.W.T for one better life, give me times to serve the parents, the family and all the people around me; to enlighten their days, provide them hopes and hands to hold on to. Insya-Allah. It's part of the job as a teacher.    

2012 - Also will be a big year to my elder sister, FARHAH MARHAINI as she soon to be a wife to a man she knew for years, IMRAN IBRAHIM. Although the weeding is not yet to come, but bride is as busy as ever. Haha. 

2012 - Is also one of my big year as I soon will start my practicum here at schools. I really nervous about facing these youngsters and really don't have the idea on how to communicate with the teachers. You see, I have these inferior complex deep inside myself. I am too afraid to not give people on what they need. I am too afraid to make mistakes now, even did I knew that ones learn from mistakes they made. 

YayaQiestina as a teacher :p

Other than that big days, it is not totally decided. Allah S.W.T plan is not yet to come. So, praying for the best in life. 

Insya-Allah =)

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