Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hardly earn RM40.00

As-salam =)

Gosh, finally I had overcome 'the bad day'! I thought like I was making a 'deal contract' - deal of a moment in a life time with Rumpelstiltskin, a character in Shrek Forever After. 
Deal of 'Waitress for RM40.00 pay' by Rumplestiltskin

You see, I thought of working this semester break and I did. I applied for a job as a waitress here at Laguna Club House. So, yesterday (10/11/2011), I went to work from 4.00 - 12.00 a.m, being paid RM5.00/hour. Add up is RM40.00 for one long tiring eight hours of my life. Sigh!

Imagine me as this waitress, okay?

As usual, I dressed in a white top and black bottom, and of course with the hijab on. But my white is not a 'kemeja', but a blaus, match with my black jeans. Sorry, I am not going to wear a slack. In fact, don't have one. But, it's funny about how I dress as a waitress since I am totally not looking like one, with 'selendang' as my hijab. I have this one female co-workers named, Nurul. She wore an instant hijab, tucked in her shirt, while I prefer let my hijab go free, as if I was go out shopping. LOL!

I hate being ordered, like seriously! So, there he is, a full time worker named as N ordered me around doing. "Hey you, collect plates!", "Hey you there, arrange the glasses!". Hello! You are not even a head-waiter! And if so, could you at least say a magic word, 'please!'. As a matter of fact, he's even younger than me! Gggrrrr! Hate him!

It was a weeding ceremony with only about 700 guests, yet I was almost break my legs and swell the arms. Seriously, feel like I've been doing a double session of P.T, as in physical training. Well, P.T is how an army usually say it. :p But much worst!

Oh, working is so hard. I must say, I really admired and salute those who work hard earning own pocket money. Me? My intention applied for the job was to pay for my broadband fees. I owed the company about RM100-RM150, I don't know! Babah, he said he could give me the money IF I agreed to stop working. Oh, Babah, just so you know, I quit already! Huh! Seriously, I only woke up at 12.00 p.m the next day.

I only thought for the best. I agreed to work because I didn't want to burden the family about my broadband things. You see, I thought I already paid it! I used to pay RM300.00 in total for my broadband for about a year for six months in row. But since Babah had no problem paying for my broadband, oh, I couldn't say no! Hehe.

So, yippy yeah for me! Bye-bye hard works, and welcome leisure!

p/s: By the way, I still owe mother some home chores. So, the payment for broadband is not free after all ;p

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