Monday, December 26, 2011

Custom made burger :p

As-salam =)

It was one happy week where the family can actually spend time together. We were talking about passed childhood and about games we played when Kakak suddenly remains me of the game of 'burger' we used to do. Haha it was one exciting and so-much-fun game!

Imagine, a burger like this,

Can actually be made by humans trapped inside :p Sort of like this, 

Just, our burger is more like a size of Burger King, with three layer of burger; kakak at bottom, Sarah on top, while I trapped in between. Wawa, she rarely joins since she's too small to play. Was about three years at the time. We made our burger but putting a cushion onto one another until all are being squished by it. It is one precious moment to me. I sort of forget those things lately, since I was in high school. We all did. It is fun if we had the chance to do it one more time.

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