Monday, January 21, 2013

First of my final phase.

As-salam =)

Alhamdulillah, my day went perfectly smoothly fine. Except for the part where my friend and I also got hit today by a motorcyclist, while driving. You see, the kid's driving like a drunk guy that he suddenly turn right while I was speeding my car. He hit me, not hard, I can tell. So, I just drive my car just until I reached school. Then, I noticed some new scratches on side of the front bumper. Arrgghh! My car's already in bad shape. Lucky you drunk cyclist! 

Overall, my day went just fine. There's one thing that thrilled me like crazy! I have my own desk! Aaauuu! So happy about it that I already imagine what am I going to do with it. I was thought about having some bottles filled with candies, asam jeruk and instant 3 in 1 coffee, since I get tired too easily. Haha. Dream much! 

As for the day, I haven't got my schedule just yet. Maybe tomorrow. So, I just go filling up all the borang-borang, prepare another tajuk for my action research (A.R) since it's hard to conduct a gymnastics' lessons there. I don't know. From the conversation I had with one of the P.E's teachers, school don't have enough accommodation for gymnastics. No mattresses, no nothing. And I was like, are you kidding me? But if I insisted to go along with my gymnastics' lesson, I might have to figure out about how to overcome this. Maybe I'll have this consulted with the lecturers, especially about the gymnastics' part. Because, you know, safeties are the priority. 

Overall, from what I've seen, I have this very supportive environment. Nice and comfortable! The teachers are the best, Insha Allah! They're nice, friendly and helpful. The GB's also very soft spoken. The students are very well-behaved. Not rude. They still have respects for teachers, and that's important. 

I'll keep update about this, since this is the only way I found to distress me (without costing me any $$)! Since it's hard to find someone to really to talk to, this is the best medium just yet. Oh, and again, really excited about my desk! Maybe I'll have an update only to share about the personal desk. HAHA. Nerd much!

Until then, just keep on smiling =) And have faith. Insha Allah.

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