Saturday, January 19, 2013

First impression.

As-salam =)

It's not like 'the first impression' is everything, but first impression may help us in gaining others respect. Believe me, when I first someone, I'll first look at how he/she dresses. No need to spend a fortune on a piece of cloth. The key is to be neat, and finish it off with 'confident'. And confident can be gain by straighten up your posture, walk straight, have an eye contact with people and don't even forget to smile. Easy right? Oh, and make-up skills are not included, okay?

Teaching, is a profession with personalities. Teachers gain respect by how he/she's doing the works, how he/she taking care of oneself and by how he/she mix around. My tips are not based on action research, or something. Just using my own logical thinking, based on my life's experiences. 

I had repaired most of my mistakes from time to time. For example, I don't mix just enough with the teachers on my first phase of practicum. So, I cover it up by joining more on my second phase of practicum. That's how I learn. We get things right inch by inch. We won't succeed on the first try, okay? There're still something that need to be top-up. Do things slow, just don't loose the tempo, or might have to struggle more later. Honest. 

Don't be too excited about being the best among the rest. Do something with Lillahi Taala. Insha Allah. He will always be there for us. He knew us better than we knew our self. Like, pray to Him more frequently. Whenever we have a free time, don't forget to do solat Dhuha. No need to put on just 'too much make-up' just to impress people. People will not judge you on how well you blend your make-up. In the end, it's always performance that people want to see and to judge you with.

So, let's use this one last day like there's no tomorrow. Make sure everything in order and packed before you go to sleep tonight. Remember, first impression is what things are about! You'll be motivated later. Oh, and don't forget to call up parents for their blessing and prays. Also important, y'all! 

Insha Allah. This is our final phase, so let's do our best! Reach for the extended. 

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