Monday, October 29, 2012

How much I struggle now to cover up the pass.


A person mention to me few days back, about why I struggle so much in my study although I have confirmed to 'be a teacher'? Hmm.. I wonder why. It has been in my mind for quite sometimes ever since I walk in to this IPG. I asked myself, WHY? 

To be honest, the real reason about why I struggles so much is, I SCREWED UP MY PASSED LIFE! I don't struggle enough back then, too busy having fun as a teenager. I don't get best result in my SPM, although I think I could be better. I am also stupid as a teen. So, I try to made it up, especially for my dear parents and family. I want them to know how well I grow up as a young adult - covering up all my weakness when I was in my teen. I want them to be proud of me. I once had this bad fall in life that I lost most part of life, including person whom I thought was a best friend ever and family's trust. It would be bad if I still be in the same boat as four years before, right?

A person BEFORE and AFTER

I am basically try to be better in person - towards friends and family. But, it seems like I don't know my  real achievement towards friends since I have 'finger counting' friends, and only few person whom I can put my fully trust on. But it's okay :)

I pray hard to be a better one. 

I hope most of my friends are doing the same as me - being more mature towards life. 


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