Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have fun today.


Sounds klise, right? Something a sporting mom usually says, "Have fun today, kids!" when her kids off to the mall or seeing friends. Haha. Most of it, not happening in Malaysia. But well anyways, the tittle is regarding to something that has been in my mind for quite something. You see, I was blog walking this morning that I put my head into a friend's blog, something about confession about how she felt lately, and a part of it is about 'MENGUMPAT'! Yes, talk bad about other people.

I admit, most of time now my friends and I usually just sit, eat and talk from a topic to another, wasting time like konon a sisterhood talk. It's okay by me, because I don't usually pay too much attention towards it and tend to forget the minute I walk away from the room, and so not my habit to retell stories to others. But, when it comes to private or privacy stuffs like so, I became annoyed that I think 'the involve person' feeling too good about itself. Like I mention in my previous entry, she talks bad, she talks back! When you talk bad about a person, the person somehow will talk bad back to you to others. And, even worse. It's as simple as that.

I believe Allah S.W.T has bigger plan for us. Maybe, he wants a person to be extremely happy about how they are today because they tend to be 'not so happy' in future. Like, when we were talking bad about a person appearance, about how fat or ugly she is and how you want people to praise your beauty, maybe Allah S.W.T had decided that the fat ugly women is going to turn out to be a married women and a mother to extremely beauty with brain child. Who knows?

What ever we are doing is not going to result now. So, be careful of every words we are saying. Do not let the words eat us, okay? This is nothing personal, but I am hoping that we all can change the way we see other people. See it positive! People judge us from what we are doing and the words coming out straight from the  mouth. Talking bad about others and feeling too good about oneself is making others see more of us - about the way we think and how conservative we are.

Maybe, whatever we were saying are all true, but it's not our job to judge people. Don't take God's job.

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