Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hostel OR, Rumah sewa?

As-salam =)

This coming semester will be the most challenging semester of all. I, for some reason got kick-off the hostel. Hehe, not kick-off, silly. Just, it's a tradition for seniors semester 6 to be 'kick-off'. Plus, with all the silly rules, it's better if we had our butt moved. But, everything has it pros and contrasts, right? So, since today is a not-doing-anything-day, I decided to list it all. 

Here are the Pros of staying in the Hostel.
  1. Safer
  2. Cheaper
  3. More privacy
  4. Easy to go to class
  5. No transportation needed
  6. Lots of friend

And, here are the Pros of staying at the Rumah Sewa.
  1. Rules free
  2. Free to do own things
(I can only list two things here!)

Okay, I am about to go to the contrast now. Start off with, Contrast of staying in the Hostel.
  1. Doesn't have the chance to go overnight (Hard to do so!)
  2. Have to go with the rules
  3. A warden to be taken care of (Silly!) 

Contrast of staying at the Rumah Sewa
  1. High tendency of fighting and the sour-face
  2. Have to consider others - housemate and roommate
  3. Not so safe
  4. Not enough money to pay the rent for the next coming month
  5. Expanses of the transportation increases
  6. Have to wake up early to go to class
  7. Less privacy

It is obvious now that staying in the Hostel has so much to offer, rather than the Rumah sewa. My personal opinion regarding the matter, 

"Staying outside will teach us a lot of thing about life. It is to know a person a little deeper than ever. And, staying out really mean, you have to be much more considered about a lot of things, including the privacy part. Learn to give than to take".

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