Sunday, May 13, 2012

To the not so casual atmosphere anymore, come a comfort.


I am actually having a break from my study towards my exam tomorrow. Was thinking, the atmosphere here just not so pleasant and casual anymore. The oxygen kind of leaking of something. Turns out, I could not breath in peace. Maybe it is just me. Just, I don't know. I give it a lot of thought that things may not be as it used to these passed few years. New environment, some new change of life. I don't know if I have the right guts to face it. 

I noticed how tough my life gets. I mean, to the busy schedule of no more fooling around, with no people to hold on to - except for few same people. Others keep on giving craps to me, like so. Plus, maybe a new best friend since one get away. But, it all seem like not enough to help me through the day. I am just scare of everything. 

Towards one major change of life, I had prepared nothing just yet. I had my head straight for the exam (sort of straight, I don't know!). Maybe I will have everything figured out later, once I am home, having all the people I love around me, and have a talk to them about this. 

But, few days back, I have this one real conversation with this friend of mine. Amazingly, I can really have like a heart-to-heart talk with her with all the pleasantness and sincerity around - it a her. And, I am glad that I did have the talk. It sort of ease the heart a bit. And, really can't wait for the next move. 

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