Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is my Ted, Barney and Robin?

As-salam =)

The sisters always urging me to catch up with them in the TV series they have been watching. I for some reason hate to do so because I could just stuck, like so bad. But, there are series I've been stuck with these days - Walking Dead (WD) & How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM).

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 1024x768 [Série TV] Mon top 5 de la saison 2010/2011

HIMYM is about a friendship of five people, start off as a friend and long couple since collage between Marshal and Lily, be friend with Ted Mosby, happened to be roomate. Then, the career start and Ted bumps on this stranger, Barney Stinson at a bar while having his heart break. Barney taught him abut how to be cool and kicks girl when he saw this TV Personality, Robin Sherbatszky. So, it's kind of went out from there until the day Ted found the mother for his children.

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But, in this case, neither I nor Fendi plays the role of Ted Mosby. I look myself to more like Lily, while Fendi play more to Marshal Ericson (they seem alike too - gaining weight and double chin). No sweat, okay dear? Hehe. But in our life, there is no Ted, Barney and Robin. We are actually alone. I found a certain someone who could play the role of playboy Barney, but happened to not fit the role of 'I will always be there' Barney, OR, 'I am your friend' Barney. It is just, 'I am only going to be there when things are good' Barney. Sucks!

For Robin, maybe my best friend could go with the character, but the thing is, I don't know if I still have one. Technically, we are falling apart. And it's just for how things had changed these days. So, no Robin just yet. 

Ted Mosby, it's just hard to find one. I have not found my Robin, so technically, still no sign for Ted.

Something about their friendship that caught my attention. Robin has been dating with Ted and also Barney, yet still managed to sit around and have fun, even so personal feeling might jump over one or two. And still, being the best friend. I can hardly gather five of my friend to sit along and having fun. But, the fact is, I don't have that number of friends. Most tend to be plastic when it comes to reality. It is just me and Fendi. And yes, we do have some couples to go out with, but most of them don't last long and some were married, and some prefer to stay low. It's just hard to look for one.

I've always been admire girl-best-friend. I don't know how they could just sit and be best friend in a large group of best friend. I tent to get jealous when it comes to friendship that I wish the friend could just not being picky in placing her 'ALL TIME FAVORITE'. Instead of just that, why don't she treats all to just fair and square? Better, isn't it?

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I wish to find my Ted, Barney and Robin as soon as possible. 

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