Thursday, March 29, 2012

What so limited edition?

As-salam =)

There is a mini-giveaway contest I've been thinking about lately. I've to write and create an entry about 'I AM LIMITED EDITION'! But, the thing is, I really don't know I am limited edition. I don't know where are my strengths, but spotted so many weaknesses about myself. I mean, these passed two weeks of practicum had been not so pleasant. Students did not fear me. I lost control on some of the classes, even the first class. You see, I am too worried about students not getting involve in every activities I made, so I keep on repeating orders; two, three times and sometimes more. Due to my action, the class keeps dragging and I did 'step in' other teacher's period. It was on my first week of practicum.  Chaos!

As for today, the lecturer came to observe. My fiance and I, we've been told about this and we did the best that we can. My observation starts first at 7.40 a.m until 8.40 a.m. Over all, she's happy with the way I control the class. Alhamdulillah. 

But, I'd noticed that one of teachers there marked as ROF, he did went to see my lecturer to complaint about me. He squads down beside the table and tells tale about my dragging thing. End of lesson, my lecturer, fiance and I had a talk about improving the teaching skills, our strength and weaknesses. She did mention about ROF complaints about my behaviour. And I explained to her about what really happened and she's  okay with that. She even backs me up about it. She did mention about ROF being so unprofessional about this. Because, instead of confronting me, he ends up telling the fiance about it. He had his chance to talk me out about this but he never did. 

I don't mind people complaint about me. It's good to helps me build up my teaching skills and the control towards my lesson. BUT, 

  1. He's not coming directly to see me to talk about it.
  2. Yet, he ends up to see my lecturer  without even consult it with me.
  3. He's not a good teacher to begin with. 
I've seen him teaching. He teaches with his feet up on the table, resting to the chair.

So, by seeing his way of teaching, then I must say, he's not the right person to judge me and file a complaint about me! Okay? I am pretty angry now. I planned to walk my students towards their class and meet him. Tekad!

Aku tak peduli kalau dia nak complain aku ni guru pelatih yang ego or what. Hell with it! 'cause he's not the right person to do so! With his sloppy looking, kemeja berlengan pendek, seluar slack yang dilipat bawah dan jambang  yang tak terurus, dia memang tak layak nak tegur aku. Komplain cukup kencang tapi diri sendiri tak tengok pulak!

Fullstop. Jarang aku marah tapi this time memang so HOT! Bukan dia yang nak menilai pengurusan kelas aku, so why should I scared of him? He has no reason to be respect!

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  1. i guess that teacher just made a fool of himself. but n'mind dear. kdg2 org tu jgk menjadi cermin diri kita. tak ksah dia tu btol or tak. yg penting, bila dia tegor, now u can see what is your weaknesses. perbaiki. dia yg tak btol biarkan dlm dunia sepi diaa tu. okey?

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