Friday, March 23, 2012

Sulking cry baby


Today is the worst day of my teaching experience. I had to deal with this 10 years old boy who claimed to be 4 years old. He sulks most of time. And the sour face on him has really turns me on. I yelled and threaten him, but in the end, I came up with a counselling idea. I talk to him about fitness and how to get fit. He's a bit uncomfortable when friends called him 'a cry baby' and 'fat'. He's not that fat. A little bit bulges and that's it! I asked about the family. As expected, he's the only child in the family. So, no wonder la he doesn't know how to tolerate with people. The father is a contractor while the mother works in a factory. From what I see, I think he came from one rich or at least stable family - extra money. 

It is quite challenging to deal with this one kind of student. I asked teachers about this boy. It is one normal 'sulking scene' of him. I sort of make one deal with him. I promised to buy him a badminton racket and shuttlecock IF he behaves while my class. NO CRYING, NO SULKING & NO YELLING! If he happens to break the promise, I can make him sing in front of the class. We made 'pinky promise'. He agreed to my terms and conditions applied. 

It's only my first week of practicum. I would love to see the improvements in him. And, I wished for him to be one better person. The world will be too tough for the cry baby. Already been too tough for me. 


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