Friday, March 30, 2012

To see in other perspectives - I AM LIMITED EDITION!

As-salam =)

I tend to see how others treat me as threat. Not everybody, just somebody. I take it too seriously that sometimes I begin to stress myself out - like working harder, rest shorter. As I woke up today, I suddenly start to view things in other perspectives, the perspective I never thought of. I put myself with others place to rationally think about WHY? they start to treat me that way. 

And I found one reasonable answer. Answer to all my doubtfulness all these years. Only one answer valid this question. And it is,

"I AM GOOD" - 

I used to think myself as a failed person in every categories; as students, daughter and woman. I view myself as a person with lack of personalities with many weaknesses. I do not know my own strength, really. But, since some of that somebody start to ditch me and play rough on me, it lends me to this one critical thinking.


"BECAUSE I AM GOOD!" Like this incident where one of the teacher file a complain about me. I wonder what my teaching had to do with him that he filed up a complain? Then, I realize that he somehow threatens by me.  Really! I was told about his ambition and aim to be 'Guru Cemerlang'. Maybe he saw some potentials in me - the way I handle my class for the first time ever AND, I did better than him in pass. Right! I am pretty sure about this. Other wise, he won't feel this uneasy. Am I right?

To be honest, by thinking in other perspectives made me appreciate myself more. This incident made me realize about people desperation to be on top of the world - what they tend to do to others. Some may step on others, while a little choose to do this the right way. 


Other perspectives.

I must tell, this may lead to heart-ache. Even I did. I even cry to myself regarding the matter. But now, I found a solution about how to cope up with things like this. And it is, TO VIEW THINGS IN OTHER PERSPECTIVES! By perspectives, I really mean, many point of views. Try it! It maybe the second best medicine other than pray to Allah S.W.T. 

Many other perspectives.

Not everybody have strength to do this. Some may just drown into their own tears and tend to run away from the reality - reality about how tough life is. For me, it's good to still stand and fight for myself for Barakah, even after few stepped really hard on me. My way of doing this is, TO VIEW THINGS IN OTHER PERSPECTIVES!

Try it. It works.

And, that is why I AM LIMITED EDITION!

This 22 years old girl is currently changing her goal in life. She's aiming for something higher yet clearer. But, whatever in life you aim to do, just do it with good intention, then Allah S.W.T will help too. InsyaAllah.

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