Sunday, April 1, 2012

To one little thing that change the Universe

As-salam =)

To one little thing, it may leads to the changing of how the world works. I really believe that! Allah S.W.T created human, woman as a 'baby factory', to where the human beings keep growing and expand. Problem occurs when human start to go against the nature. For example, one healthy fertilized female go against it by limiting her births may cause big thing later on. 

I have been facing one sort of related situation last Friday when a 10 years old boy failed to tolerate with the friends. He would cry for hours whenever the demands did not be fulfill. It sucks when he starts to cry and yell for hours. I go nuts by his behavior yet show my professional side by doing one short counselling with the boy. He's actually the only child in the family. The father is an Engineer while the mother is a Manager in a factory within Penang area. I assume he gets lonely most of the time. And, maybe the parents are not the type of 'redeem' the lost family hours. No wonder he can't tolerate. He's a cry baby; 10 years old cry baby. 

You see. Problem occurred, right? It is only one small part of things that lead to the changing of how the Universe works. I've seen a big potential in a current issues of lesbian and gay that may change the human system forever. In future, we might have the third gender - shemale. 

'Shemale' in Islam is called, 'KUNSA'. But the thing is, the person is naturally born with two sex organs. The parents had to consult with the Ustaz/Ustazah about which sex organ should be 'terminated'. The baby won't live with two sex organs. We just have to choose. Yet, the 'shemale' happened to be greedy about having more than one sex organs. So, it's not really 'KUNSA' after all. Just look like it. If the 'disease' continues, the entire system will break down, forming another systems full with chaos and disastrous. 

If we look this into one small particles, we may see, even one house routine may cause big problem later. Am I right? Let's say, I refuse to wash all my clothes according to the schedule. In the end of the day, I may not have clean clothes to wear. 

The point is, in whatever aspect of life, small things should be taken seriously. This one small thing may turn out to be one huge thing if we continue to pay attention. 


I still have my own weaknesses regarding the matter. I am somebody who just love to hold on my chores - jobs, home chores. At the end of the semester, it's also the end of me. As for today, I put a long pause to finish all my school works. Only 50% finished. Another 50% still on hold. 

Bad habit. I should just get rid of it already. I am 22 now. What do I expect? People judge me from the way I handle my works and the choices I made. I should be ashamed. I am like the 'shemale'. I could turn the whole systems to a black hole. 

Shame on me.

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