Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanks NurulBadiah Lai ^ ^

As-salam =)

It was just another day for me. Sitting at home, doing home-chores as always and eat. I logged in into my blog and scroll down my dashboard and saw this one entry about 'How to be strong?'. She claims that one of her readers had told her one sad story about her life journey - about how tough it was that sometimes she thought of giving up. I scanning the entry and only look for important part (I always like that! ^ ^). But, then I realized something. 

"I am living one good life here and sometimes I don't realize that!"

A friend of mine, she told me about how lucky I am to get the chance to spend time with my mother, go shopping, family holidays, go around Malaysia, having a family reunion, etc. Yet, her mother do not even go to shopping mall since not feeling so well. I smell the enviousness somehow. Deep down, I am empathy for her situation, really. 


She have something I don't.

"She have one strong relationship with the grandparents (both sides) that she could lay down on her grandma, race with her, gossiping... something that I don't usually do with mine".

Merciful Allah S.W.T. Allah know best about us. He had planned for a better one. What count is life upon death. Maybe my life is not best after all. Failure, sickness, poorness are some the signs of Allah, about how He remains us to always remember Him, to show His love. And as one of the ways for us to be forgiven on sins we made. 

So, what made me so special, then? We are all the same. Happy life, sad life, life full of struggle... are life worth living for. Because what counts is life beyond - AKHIRAT. 

Most important thing is, "TO LIVE FOR ALLAH S.W.T"

For now on, set our mind to live for Allah S.W.T. InsyaAllah. It is not easy to do so. But, pray hard for Allah. Nothing is impossible by the help of Allah S.W.T. 

I had some plans that had been on my mind for quite sometimes. It was my plan in three of four years times. May Allah have His Mercy on me.  

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