Monday, January 16, 2012

Not yet married.

As-salam =)
I am not yet married. But sort of engaged. In Islam, the moment the man express his thought to have her as his wife, the woman is considered to be engaged, even with no witness and writing. I have a story to share with you guys. We went to dinner just now. I really do not know how to dress tonight. I pull one of my unfolded long sleeve shirt out of my basket. I thought this baby blue would be nice, just the shirt is short. So, I thought of wearing it along with my skirt-attached pants to cover up my bottom. Okay, decided then. At the restaurant, hubby asks about what am I wearing? I knew it would come out. So, I explain myself of why I have the shirt worn with the pants to cover up my bottom and so on. Then he said, "Sayang, ini bukan seluar. Tapi legging." To cut short the conversation, I translated of the whole thing he said to the man version of talking (just so you know, man always talking indirectly :p) 

Legging is not pants and it looks sexy on me (Okay, since I gained weight. The tight are really showing. The curve is much obvious now!). But what he really means was, I am not suppose to wear that there, at least not to be matched with a short shirt. 

I get his point. InsyaAllah =) I am praying for that, to be more alert or aware about the way I dress and how I handle myself. I am assisting myself now to be a good wife later. Despite of most of thing I did, I try to look it on how a wife should do, should really behave herself.


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