Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like seriously, no guarantee.


I was browsing through my albums of snapshot just now. Most things about me had changed. And some of it just vanished that I started to change into this much mature and grown up a.k.a adult. It’s not that I missed my old self, just I truly grateful to God to have lend me this opportunity to become His better servant :’(

I am grateful to have met him. He changed most things about me, lending his hands for my rise and my fall. I begin to remember about time when my sister and I had this conversation about how mother is truly grateful about me behaved and starting or deciding to have the hijab on. I did know that, just I don’t have a clue about how happy she became and truly grateful to Allah S.W.T.
I begin to wonder, what if things are not like this. Will I stop being a spoil brat at the age of 22? When would I be at the weekend? No idea.
I pray for things to turn well.

I still have the anger inside of me but it’s in control position that I starting to think clearly, most of time minus the ‘full moon’. Just, I can’t help it when it comes to ‘the third person’. I could lose control that I surely will slap or punch her and talk stupid out load and even could spits on her. Don’t try me because there’s no guarantee that I can feel my arms or control my body, like seriously.

But, whatever it is, I pray for it to not happen so that my bad habit will remains a secret until I graduated.

2008 - Raya AidilFitri Jab. PJK IPGKTB

Willingly to wear hijab - 2008
2009 - Not even stylish
2010 - Family dinner

2011 - Present: Full time hijabers. InsyaAllah.

Pray for me.


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