Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No room for prejudice.

As-salam =)

(This is what I wrote. Something about friendship 6 JAN 2012)

Sometimes, I wonder, did I know what's the meaning combinations of letter F, R, I, E, N and D? It pronouns as FRIEND, refer to somebody; anybody in life that be there for you most of times, or one at a time.

I have always ending my year or my semester with forgiving people and forgetting bad memories. Sometimes I forgot and slipping the good memories too. As years passed, I became more mature in the way I think and look at things, yet still need some adjustments on certain stages.

Year 2012, is one good year for me to restart of what I’ve been missing for one passed month; friendship. We so busy hating and talking bad about each other’s (sometimes, especially when peak hours). We blame one another, show sour faces, have prejudices, etc. I forgot about how close we were back then. Did you remember about how strong we stood, backing each other up on that night of orientation? It was lovely. And that’s what we’ve been missing throughout these years.

Fiza, Jenab, Mimosa and me, we went to Info Centre this late afternoon to online. We had this really great laugh. There is no room for hate and prejudices. Just us, FRIENDSHIP.

I think I miss you guys more than ever. 

Me and Jenab at Raya 2009
OK, so childish! And even look like one (back at 2009)

One of my happy moment; be with my CHENTA and  BESTIZE

Where I wish things could stay
Cherish the moment together 
Back to a moment when there is only 'immaturity'
My sweet Zoela :)

Only us <3

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