Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's topic: Acnes

As-salam =)

Happy Monday, everyone! I've been doing some reading on supplements. My concern these days is about my darkening+dry facial skin due to sun-burned. A friend of mine suggest this herbal supplements for acne skin. My problem is not really about acnes (well, not so serious, but bothers me sometimes!), just darkening and a bit scaly facial, especially around the nose.

She suggests,

Kordel's Herbal Anti-Acne

Personally, I really do interested in it! There are some other supplement products by usage, such as for detoxification, women's health, eye sight, joint and bone health, etc. Kindly click to this for further details about the products. I used to constantly take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) bought at local pharmacies (not under the brand of Kordel's). EPO really do works for somebody who has never take and planning to take one. EPO works best to repair, strengthens and maintain hair and nails health, instead of letting or circulate a regular period flow and decrease period pain for women. 

I am about to try this Kordel's, but still not deciding whether to go for an EPO  or just try this Anti-Acne. Hmm.. tough choice, huh? Oh, by the way, the range price is about RM50.00 - RM60.00 only. Very economical for a desperate person like myself. Seriously, hate seeing myself with this total major sun-burned+ dryness+pimples on the face.

Sigh! Its hard being a women, don't you think? Women always care about silly things! Even A pimple, they would scream to death and keep on applying acne cream over and over again. Haha. Maniac much! I, my ultimate choice to dry up pimples is my favourite acne product, OXY!

Image Detail

OXY - suits me best! My over-grown pimples dry up in just two days time, and just banished! Seriously, like not-a-joke! Yes, it is a bit expansive for 25g products, but like trust me, NOT EVEN A SCAR!
 (Never poop-out pimples using nails and finger if you want to maintain a clear facial skin!) 
Here are some useful tips to do before you 'scope-out' the pimples off the skin.
  1. Wash the face first
  2. Pour a hot boiling water on a bowl, and put some slices of lemon or 'limau kasturi'
  3. Steam the face - cover the head with a clean face towel (use to trap the steam)
It is important to softens and opened-up pores before you start the 'digging' process in order tominimize the skin injuries. 

That's all for now. =) 

Thanks for reading.

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